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glasses – Louise via Warby Parker
pins – pro pin by a shop no longer in biz,Β  Pee-wee Herman by Weird Beard Candle Co.
shirt – Old Navy (Similar)
jeans – TJ Maxx

One of the best things about having a blog is being able to look back at your old posts. Similarly, one of the worst things about having a blog is being able to look back at your old posts. Heh! I often get lost in my own archives. I just keep clicking and clicking… and cliiicking. Things change so rapidly, even if it doesn’t really seem like it, its fun to look back and get a peek at what things used to be like. I have a love / hate relationship with my old outfit photos. I think a lot of them are kind of embarrassing but I’m happy to have documented them. I may look back now and think “Oh my goodness, what were you thinking?” but at the same time I feel very “Hah! You do you, girl!” about them too. It’s kind of hard to explain but a lot of those old photos it’s like I’m just looking at someone else.

Looking back at all those old photos has shown me how far my style has come in the past few years. I feel like I have a lot more of a consistent style, and that it’s a lot more wearable. Instead of buying things that have a really awesome print or whatever but maybe aren’t that practical I tend to purchase things that I know I’ll be able to wear often, that are comfortable, and that truly fit my lifestyle. No more super short dressed just because the pattern rocks! These photos, in particular, I feel show off that new Kaylah style. Maybe I’ll laugh at this outfit in another few years but I feel like it looks like it was put together by someone who has a pretty good idea of what works for them. It’s cute, it’s cozy, and that’s all I care about.

I do have to admit, these boots are slightly out of my comfort zone. I’m kiiind of obsessed with them and how badass I feel in them though. I’m hoping it will be like my intro to lipstick where I felt a little bit strange wearing it the first handful of times but eventually it just became totally normal. I tend to feel more comfortable in shoes that I can run in. I don’t know what that’s about, it’s not like I ever have to run anywhere. Maybe just a weird built in brain safety feature? I’m new-ish to heels of any sort and these are my very first pair of ankle boots but daaaang they look good. I don’t know about you, but I feel like a BOSS walking in heels. I know, someone out there is snickering at me thinking these heels are high but they are for me! I’m currently eyeing up this pink pair of ankle boots. I’ve put together so many outfits in my head with them already.
Happy Tuesday!


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  • Style evolving is so fascinating! For a while (2012-13?) I had similar style interests to you, but I've gone in a way different direction from where you are now, from a similar starting point. Fun to think about. (And yay to not being static!)

  • I love your style now but I also love your old style in the photos you "tagged" …..I've been following you since the old school flickr days and you have such a beautiful, unique style! NOW and THEN!xo

  • When I scrolled to the boots I was all, " where did this come from!?". They didn't seem like your normal style but they look awesome! I was like, "Okay Elise your thinking to much into this or you've been following her for to long to think you know her style…". Then I read what you wrote about them. Haha it was perfect!

  • I understand the need to be in comfortable footwear. I love heels (especially since I'm 5 foot tall), but it makes me anxious to think that if I was in trouble, they'd slow me down.

    • I guess it's all about practicing though. There was this girl I went to high school who used to run track in heels. I have no idea why she'd do it but she did it well!

  • These photos are so cute, and that cardigan looks so cozy! I always get lost in my archives too, it's actually embarrassing how long I spend re-reading my own blog. I think it's amazing though, to have this record of how you've changed and grown up. I love the idea that you should only wear shoes you can run in – you never know when you might need to sprint away from an awkward conversation! xx


  • Ha! I saw the boots and they didn't strike me as your "usual" style! I LOVE HEELED ANKLE BOOTS. I bought a brown pair last year when visiting my parents in Spain, and I've worn them so much since then that I invested in another pair in black. They're basically all I wear anymore. You'll get used to the heel – I too, was a heel convert. My black pair has an almost 3" heel, and that still sounds absurd to me. But I feel like such a freakin' badass when I wear them!

    And I think it's great that you're embracing your personal style. Just last night, Shawn and I were talking about the things we wore in high school, and I cringed when I thought about some of them. (Ah, the early 00's….) My style has evolved so much over the past few years – I've really embraced neutrals lately, which sounds insane to my color/pattern-loving self, but they're so much easier to wear and they scream "I'm put together!!" way more than some of the stuff I used to wear. I know it will continue to evolve as I get older, but I'm pretty happy with where I'm at right now. You do you, girl!