New Orleans Pharmacy Museum

About a week before last month’s New Orleans trip I started my usual research; looking up what cemeteries I should visit, looking for highly recommended restaurants, wandering the streets with Google’s streetview, etc. I remembered reading that Allie from The Only Living Girl in New York had visited NOLA not too long ago and since we basically have alllll the same interests I obviously spent a good amount of time re-reading her posts. What stuck out to me the most was the Pharmacy Museum. Without even knowing anything more, just reading the name, I can tell you it’s something I’d be interested in but after reading her post I was sold! So on the list it went!

Jeff and I actually stumbled upon the museum randomly without ever having to look up the address. When we arrived it was shortly after they opened so it was just us and one other couple inside which was a good thing because the museum could definitely get cramped quick. It’s a fairly small location but it is jam packed with history! For five dollars you get to wander around two levels filled with the most awesome medical collection I’ve ever seen! There are apothecary jars upon apothecary jars, dental instruments, perfumes, cosmetics, questionable old medicine, and so much more! When you pay for admission, if you aren’t taking a guided tour, you’re handed a pamphlet filled with information on the most interesting pieces in the museum. As interested as I was in the museum, I didn’t even look at the pamphlet once. There is just so much to take in!

glasses collectionglass eyes

The man working the counter wasn’t terribly friendly. (Do not let that stop you from visiting, definitely could have just been a bad day) When he explained what to do it was kind of mumbled and rushed so I didn’t ask questions buuut I thought I heard something about an upstairs. I watched closely what the other couple in the museum was doing and followed them out the back of the museum when they left. There is an upstairs and I definitely want to live there. Seriously, the property is amazing. It’s basically my dream living quarters – smack dab in the middle of the city but with a gorgeous private courtyard. The courtyard is so beautiful you can even rent it for weddings!!

dental cabinet

All the photos in this post are from the second floor of the museum. The lighting was much better up there, and when I realized how big the museum was I knew I had to blog about it. If you’re with friends or family who maybe aren’t into old medical stuff they will at least appreciate the location. Walking inside is like stepping back in time!

The Pharmacy Museum reminded me a lot of Cleveland’s own Dittrick Medical History Museum, both of which I consider must-visit museums!

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