St. Louis Cemetery No. 2

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Lots of people have a list of places they’d like to visit, and some people (me) even have a list of cemeteries they’d like to visit in those cities. New Orleans ranked pretty high on my ‘need to visit’ list just because of their cemeteries. There wasn’t one in particular that drew me there, I just knew they had a bunch that were like none other I had been to before. Without ever having visited one in person I still ranked them high on the list of most beautiful US cemeteries.

On our first full day in the city Jeff and I walked to St. Louis Cemetery No. 2. This cemetery is located just a few blocks away from St. Louis No. 1 which is the oldest cemetery in the city (and the most famous!) As of March 2015, No. 1 is closed to the public without a tour guide due to vandalism. While a cemetery tour is right up my alley, and we ended up taking one later in the day, I really wanted to explore at least one of New Orlean’s cemeteries at my own pace.

St. Louis Cemetery No. 2 is broken up into three square blocks. Each is similar in the sense that it is laid out with a main center aisle to walk and two smaller parallel aisles. This makes it super easy to see everything and know you’re not accidentally missing a chunk of the cemetery. We started off in square 1 (here’s a map of it, look how organized it is!) and had the whole place to ourselves.

From the second I stepped inside I was in LOVE. I didn’t know where to look or what to shoot first. I found the whole experience very overwhelming, in a good way. I honestly don’t even know what else to say about it so let’s get on with the photos! Photos I’ve been dreaming about taking for yeeeears!

St. Louis Cemetery No. 2, cemetery, mausoleumnew orleans, cemetery

St. Louis Cemetery No. 2 was everything I had hoped and dreamed NOLA cemeteries would be! Usually when you’ve dreamed of something for so long it can never meet up to your expectations but on this rare occasion, it actually did. I cannot wait to go back.

I shared some of my favorite spots in New Orleans here if you’re interested! 

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