Friday Favorites #409

This bed wouldn’t work in my current bedroom. It would just dwarf the room but gosh darn it, it’s such a lovely set up. It looks so cozy!

(via: Urban Outfitters)

How adorable is this cactus throw pillow?!

(via: Ankit)

My squad! Yesss!

(via: Moorea Seal)

Cactus socks! Love the colors.

(via: Woven Pear)

This bra is the cutest, and it comes in SO many colors!

(via: Cosabella)

I have a new love for shirt dresses, especially when they have a print this good!

(via: SimkaSol)

One of my favorite foods!

(via: Heather Buchanan)

Love this mirror!

(via: Urban Outfitters)

Friends who collect weird things, this skull is super cheap (+ waaay cool!)

(via: Amazon)

This print is so so so awesome!

(via: Kathleen Neeley)

Link love…

Happy Friday!

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