Friday Favorites #417

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How stinken’ cute do these look!?

(via This Way To The Circus)

A heart container lapel pin!


I absolutely love Alan Edward Brown‘s style!

(via Medusawolf)

A cactus to hold your jewelry.

(via Modcloth)

Urban Outfitters consistently has some of the cutest bedding! (Also, this set!)

(via Urban Outfitters)

Warby Parker‘s newest collection of sunglasses is so darn pretty. These pink ones are my favorite.

(via Warby Parker)

Caribou Milk has so many cute stationery goods! I especially like that raccoon tape.

(via Caribou Milk)

A sweet little barrel cactus for your wall.

(via Moorea Seal)

I feel like I may have featured this shirt before about ten thousand times but oh well.

(via Modcloth)

I picture this cute little glass house filled with bones, rocks, and other neat little knick knacks. PS. It’s actually pretty darn affordable too!

(via Urban Outfitters)

Last week I discovered the brand Miz Mooz and found so many pairs of shoes I want. I’m especially crushing on these sandals. …And these clunky ones too!

(via Miz Mooz)

Link love…

  • I highly doubt I’m the only lady out there that has the worst time ever finding bras that are actually awesome… right? Well, I found an amaaaazing one.Β  I already own two of them and definitely plan on buying a few more. Its comfortable, its cute, isn’t too padded and looks nice under all my clothing. It also comes in a handful of colors so you should definitely try it out!
  • My favorite marker pens are on sale right now! Well, not like an advertised sale but they’re currently six dollars cheaper than when I bought them.
  • Well, while I’m on a roll recommending things – lilac blossom is my one of my absolute favorite candles. It smells AMAZING.
  • If you like bugs and/or practical jokes, these lunch baggies are for you.
  • I wish I knew how to rock a maxi dress because this striped one is adorable. Guess I should just stick to what I know. Hehe!
  • Who says your kitchen knives can’t be cute?!

Hope you have a most excellent weekend!



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  • I love Miz Mooz! I discovered the brand back in high school – they had a store in NYC and I remember buying a pair of leather bright blue ballet flats that had light pink straps criss crossing across the top of the foot… I wore them all the time because they made me feel so cool! I wish I still had them πŸ™