Friday Favorites #418

by Kaylah Stroup

How incredible is this handmade tapestry!?

(via Les Trafiquantes)

Kitty pitcher!

(via Yapoma)

Loving that hanging planter, and the crazy plant inside.

(via i heart norwegian wood)

I love a good novelty bag!

(via Modcloth)

I know, they’re just magnets but they way they’re presented really sells them! Solid product photography.

(via nicenicenice)

This chart! So beautiful!

(via Mighty Vintage)

A plain pink phone case is cute enough as it is but that little heart cut out for the lens kills me!

(via Supply Square)

How precious are these pjs?! (They also come in a cat pattern!)

(via Modcloth)

Poppies & beetles!

(via Perrin)

Love this patch!

(via MothWort)

I thought that by owning lockers I’d get over my little locker obsession… but nope! How beautiful are these babies!?

(via Urban Outfitters)

Link love…

Happy Friday!

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