Its the little things…

sunset at the Salton Sea. May 18, 2017

I’ve mentioned a few times here on the blog how I’m basically the most sensitive person ever. I cry easy… and at essentially everything. Along with cute animals, the one thing that always gets the waterworks started is trying to explain how much I love something. For example when I start talking about how much I love my bike, and how free I feel riding – I always cry. I can’t help it. I wish I didn’t work that way, I feel like such a weenie, but whatcha gonna do? I’m easily overwhelmed with emotion.

Last year’s road trip basically as soon as we got into the car I started to cry a little. I just felt so happy to be there, so at peace. This year I managed to hold off until editing my photos. The other night I’m sitting here at my desk, going through photos from the trip, when all of a sudden my chin starts to quiver. Then I notice it’s getting a little harder to see… because I’m stinken crying over how much these trips Jeff and I take together mean. Theres no possible way for me to even begin to describe how much I love being in the desert with him. To be honest, I don’t even understand it. We’re getting dirty, sunburnt, eating like crap, and spending too much time sitting in the car but somehow it means the world to me. I’m ready to go back already!

This year we opted to sleep in the car a few of the nights in order to save a bit of money, and because it makes it so much easier to catch sunrise and sunset when you have nowhere to be. It’s not the coziest but honestly, I really really love doing it. I don’t think it would really work as well anywhere other than in the middle of nowhere.

On this particular day, after poking around some beaches along the coast in the morning we headed to the Salton Sea to catch sunset. We had visited here a few years back but once again, its one of those places that is special to me for no good reason. We were having trouble finding somewhere nice to pull over and enjoy the sunset so we ended up stopping at an abandoned building. One we had actually stopped at three years ago! This wasn’t the sunset I was planning on capturing, with beautiful reflections on the water… It was even better. It was a very ~us~ sunset. I didn’t capture any award winning photos that night but I feel like I managed to steal a little piece of that sunset to hoard away and look back on.

salton sea, abandoned building,

above photo by Jeff.

I hope we end up here again in another few years.

Ps. In case you were wondering, I was definitely crying writing this. Please tell me I’m not the only crybaby out there.


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  • I am a complete sap, so I feel ya. Yesterday this video: was in my newsfeed with the caption from a friend that just said, “I cried so much.” I thought, we’ll I don’t even watch or like that show (It’s ‘America’s Got Talent), so I definitely won’t cry! I’ll show her I’m not a wimp!

    Yeah, I left for work yesterday with puffy eyes. Watch at your own risk.

  • You’re not the only one and I think it’s a perfectly reasonable thing to get emotional about. It means a lot to be with the one you love, doing things you love. After years of having the things I like dismissed, my husband’s playlists sometimes make me want to cry, especially because when we met he did not like some of that music and he only gave it a chance because of me. Also, your pictures are lovely. I’ve never been much of a desert person but your photos make me think it would be pretty cool to visit.

    • Aww! That’s so cute. Being able to share music with people is really special.

      It’s definitely worth a visit! Its such a unique place.

  • I love this so much! The last picture is just the sweetest. And I totally have gotten more weepy as the years pass. It’s so embarrassing! Its been happening a lot since the accident at the store. So many people have supported me and I can’t even start saying thank you without feeling like I’ll bawl!

  • That last picture! I love it!! I am so looking forward to returning to the desert in Joshua Tree with my partner next year.

    • I’m excited for you! Hope you have the best time ever. Joshua Tree is so amazing. I really need to go back and spend more time there.

  • Whenever I cry it’s usually over something ridiculous, like a cute animal, or a plant dying.. I rarely cry over anything serious that would make normal people cry. These are gorgeous pictures that I can tell have some magical memories behind them 😀

    • Hah! So weird how our bodies work. I don’t understand why we cry over cute animals? Why does it happen?!

  • Have you seen the Kristen Bell sloth video? If you haven’t, look it up. It always makes me feel better when I feel like a crybaby!

  • I’m honestly so shocked that you’re a fellow crybaby! I pictured you as someone who is always really brave and strong – not that crying makes you weak, but do you get what I mean? I am a huge softie; the smallest things can make me cry.

    I’m constantly overtaken by my emotions, whereas I pictured you as cool, calm and collected. I think it’s neat that we’re alike though! It’s people like you that make other crybabies feel less embarrassed about it, for sure.

    • Haaaaaa! Funny how our online personas can so horribly misrepresent us. Cool, calm and collected is basically the opposite of me. 😛

  • God no, you aren’t alone; I will cry at the drop of a hat… totally pathetic. (no it means we are human).
    And btw.. your photography – love it. It has evolved over the last few years -well done you!

  • What a lovely post Kayla 🙂 Recently I have noticed that I begin to feel emotional when I am talking about things which matter to me- moving in with my boyfriend for example. This never used to happen, but it’s a nice feeling, and I think I like it. It’s a sign of something new I can enjoy as a more mature person. x

    • How exciting! Congrats on the big life change (moving in with significant other – not crying… but I guess that too! 😛 )

  • NOT the only crybaby. even if you were, it would be fine, but you are not alone.
    i like that i feel emotional about lots of things. to me, it is better than not feeling as passionate.