project 365 : days 149 – 155

149 : 365 Jeff and I woke up early, ran around the neighborhood, then took a quick drive to an abandoned hospital. I felt a little rushed so I never ended up setting up my tripod. I still feel like I managed to get a few cool shots though. I’m excited to go back and shoot more.

150 : 365Β  Early morning beach combing. Do you see my tiny rainbow arrangement? I actually have a handful of found on the beach arrangement posts in my drafts, I just don’t want to overwhelm y’all with them. I am pretty excited about the photos from this set though.

151 : 365 I’ve been trying to take more selfies lately. I guess it seems like a narcissistic goal but… uh, oh well. I enjoy documenting my hair colors (definitely something I’ve been bad at lately!) and I like capturing these little snippets of my life. I can look at selfies from years ago and immediately recall so much about the day and what was going on. Here’s me and some of my bones (and here’s another with more bones!)

152 : 365 Klaus got another Barkbox in the mail. My heart feels like exploding when I see how incredibly excited he gets about it. This month’s box was western themed. One of the toys was a squeaky cowboy boot, and Klaus has not stopped carrying it around. (PS. I reviewed Barkbox back in April, check out the post here.)

Professor looking super jealous of Klaus + his box of treats.

153 : 365 Buddies!!

154 : 365 Fifteen miles around the city, some alley chickens, and interesting window coverings.

155 : 365 Look! I have a water dog!!! Jeff and my dad were shooting targets across the creek. Each time they’d cross to check how they were doing, Klaus would follow and plop down in the water for a brief period. I’m so excited that he’s getting more and more comfortable with water. I’m very much looking forward to seeing if he’ll actually swim this summer. Fingers crossed!

It’s been such a rad week! I ran five out of the seven days, biked a bunch, and generally was just active. I feel amazing. I’m looking forward to making this week even better! Hope yours rules too!

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