project 365 : days 163 – 169

163 : 365 Professor doing what Jeff would refer to as “kindergarten smile.” Its where you tell a kid to smile and they just show their teeth.

164 : 365 I attempted another #ghostkaylah shot. As you probably guessed from my use of the word “attempted”, I don’t feel like it was super successful. I guess I just feel like the background is too distracting. Practice makes perfect though!

165 : 365 Basically the perfect keychain for me!

166 : 365 I feel like I caught a rare photo of Professor thinking about his life choices. I really love the way he’s melting into the couch.

167 : 365 A peek at the pouches I’ve been working on this month! They’re ready to list online, I just need to take photos. This is another collection featuring my beach finds. I’m super excited about those neat-o two color zippers. Can’t wait to show you more.

168 : 365 You get to see a photo of a skull because I really did not want to include another photo of Professor in this week’s post. I was off my Project 365 game this week and ended up realizing “oh crap, I haven’t taken a photo that wasn’t of a cat yet!” after the sunset more than once.

Anyway! I found this skull along the tracks while taking the #ghostkaylah selfie earlier in the week. I didn’t have anything on me to pick it up with at the time but it was in such nice condition and so clean that I decided to go back the next day with gloves and a bag. This is after being washed off with soap. It’s currently soaking in a peroxide bath. It’s been so long since I cleaned a skull, I feel a bit rusty.  PS. If you’re interested in cleaning your own skulls – you can read more here.

169 : 365 I grew up catching tadpoles with legs but all these years later they still blow my mind. So cool to be able to see a part of a frog’s lifecycle like this.

And because yesterday was Father’s Day I’ve included a photo of my dad.

I’m so relieved this coming week won’t be as hot as last week. I blame my lack of diverse photos on the fact that I spent a lot of time in the bedroom trying to cool off. We only have one window air conditioning unit and the bedroom is the easy choice for where it should go since no one likes being hot when its time to go to bed. It means the rest of the house is an inferno though. Poor Squid was so hot that she let Jeff pet her with an ice cube in his hand. She didn’t just put up with it, she LOVED it. He melted the whole thing on her. So yeah, I’m definitely looking forward to a cooler week!

Hope you’re staying cool!

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  • This kind of post is one of my favorites. 😉

    I used to have a window swamp cooler. Just like you, the rest of the house was sweltering. My Aunt, who lives in Tennessee gave me a hint. If you know this, I apologize. lol Crack a window, just a little, on the other side of the house. This will pull the cool air through. Yes, you will ‘waste’ some air but It will really help. It helps eve more, if you put a small fan in that window facing OUT.

    Best luck this summer!

  • Well I think that ghost shot is super cool! And that skull is such a find. I’m forever looking for bones when we’re hiking, and I always come home empty-handed 🙁