Friday Favorites #422

This pin!

(via Lost Lust Supply)

Are you kidding me with this ring? It’s so much fun!

(via Sofia Zakia)

LOVE these nail decals.

(via little surprise nail)

I discovered Keep It Wild Co on instagram recently and instantly fell in love!

(via Keep It Wild Co)

Compliment pencils! Also, compliment cards if you’re feeling extra nice.


The other day I was trying really hard to figure out a way to attach flowers to my bike then I remembered that tiny little planters like this one exist! It’s super affordable too!

(via 3DMood)

This vase! So cute!

(via Kingston Jewellery)

Every one of these pins is adorable!

(via Hemleva)

Nothing says summertime like a jar full of fireflies!

(via auntie mims)

This dress!! It comes in a darker colorway too.

(via Eliza J)

A coconut green tea facial stream sounds heavenly.

(via Urb Apothecary)

Link love…

Happy Friday!

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