project 365 : days 184 – 190

184 : 365 I was taking photos of my new hair color when Jeff wandered into my office. I hit the button on my remote a few times without bothering to check if we were in focus or anything and ended up with this shot. I absolutely love it. It’s even better in color but then you wouldn’t be surprised when I revealed my new hair tomorrow! Heh!

185 : 365 Shot an outfit post that turned out to be one of my absolute favorites. Sometimes I feel like I’m shooting solid gold and then have a hard time finding even six shots to post from the set but I had such a hard time choosing which of the thirty or so perfect photos to include. I LOVE when that happens. I’ll share the full outfit tomorrow but for now, you can just check out my shoes!

186 : 365 After a while of trying to keep my bike as clean and streamlined as possible I recently started adding little odds and ends… and I can’t believe it took me so long! I resisted a water bottle cage for a long time but sometimes I’d really just like to ride without a backpack. Finding that bottle definitely helped the decision too! I also bought a brand new headlight, and of course, I have that ridiculous shark horn. I am ready to ride!

187 : 365 “Jeff, what did you do to his ears?”
” I fixed them.”

188 : 365 So dumb. I love him.

189 : 365 Pretty new pins!

190 : 365 Coffee + donuts – my favorite weekend morning ritual. If you’re local and not eating Peace, Love and Little Donuts, you’re missin’ out!

What a crazy week! First of all, the obvious, the week was all weird because of the fourth. Jeff had off Monday and Tuesday which made Wednesday feel like Monday. Of course that throws off the whole week. Then, on Wednesday, I got a phone call that I was cast to be an extra in a pretty awesome project for one of Cleveland’s biggest attractions. So Friday, Saturday and Sunday I spent a lot of my day in a green room waiting for my turn to plaster on a fake smile. It was a pretty wild experience. As soon as I see the final product I’ll be sure to share, and write a little about the whole experience. It was definitely out of my comfort zone but WAY fun. I’m proud of myself for doing something different but y’all, I am people-ed out and ready to hibernate for approximately a week.

Hope your Monday is off to an awesome start. Make sure to stop back tomorrow to see my new hair color. I am so excited to show you!!! xoxo

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  • Jeff spoiled your new hair color on his Instagram (I saw it on my random feed…) 😉 But it’s very cool and I still can’t wait to see the official reveal tomorrow!

    • Meh. I don’t really think so. I mean, sure you know the color but a picture of it up in a ponytail, and editing in his usual grimy why hardly shows what it really looks like. 😉

      • You are so right: Jeff’s picture didn’t show the awesomeness of your new hair color (no offense to his photographic skills; I know: it wasn’t the point of that picture 😉 ). It’s so cool I’m having the biggest smile right now (alone in my office at work!), so thanks for brightening this rainy day!

  • the photo of you and jeff is pure perfection!
    those shoes! so cute! are they as comfortable as i want them to be?
    klaus’ ears and the “i fixed them” made me giggle. thank you for that!
    sorry, but i can’t give pl&ld any money. i refuse to support racist and homophobic jerks. while the store in cleveland probably isn’t owned by that ass who opened the original here in pittsburgh’s strip district, he gets money from franchises and i just can’t bring myself to buy his hate donuts when there are so many other great places around town. (my apologies for being negative on your fabulous site, but that store infuriates me. obviously. feel free to edit my comment if you prefer to keep the space furious free.)
    way excited to hear about the project you worked on that involved all the smiling. sounds super fun!

  • Awwww! That photo of you and Jeff is soooo sweeeeet!!! Also, I can’t wait to see your new hair color tomorrow 😁

    Congrats on doing something else to step out of your comfort zone, I’m excited to hear more about what you did! Seeing/hearing about others doing things out of their comfort zones always gives me a boost to try new things for myself. I’ll be doing a ton of just that in the near future. 😊

  • That photo of you and Jeff is so beautiful <3 I have said this before, but I love how incredibly happy you are with Jeff. Your move to Cleveland has really brought out the best in you, and it's so amazing to see. Watching you grow over the years has just been awesome 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing so much with us.
    Also, could your pets be any more adorable?? Love love love <3