project 365 : days 198 – 204

198 : 365 King of the pillows! Also, would you look at that photo of Professor and Squid! They were basically cuddling. Laying that close together is a big deal for them.

199 : 365 I made stuffed peppers for dinner. This is right before they got popped in the oven. I wanted to use chorizo but the grocery store was out. I ended up stuffing the peppers with hot sausage, black beans, onions, and a variety of shredded cheeses we had in the fridge. They were so tasty! I always put off cooking but when I finally do it I feel so accomplished and proud.

200 : 365 Shot some photos of my postcards around the house for the post announcing their release. I really enjoy that one of the abandoned building on that shelf. I should probably just keep one for myself so it can stay there permanently.

201 : 365 My first missed day of the project. Whoops. It was a busy day. I had plans to take my daily photo in the evening but when I got home I realized I had left the fridge open all day. That generally wouldn’t have been such a huge deal but a few days early I had just gone grocery shopping and stocked up on everything. Needless to say, it killed my spirit. Jeff asked if pizza would cheer me up. Of course I said yes so we laid in bed, ate pizza, and fell asleep early.

202 : 365 Wade showing off some video he’d just taken of us on his roof. After this we biked 15 or so miles. I sadly didn’t take any photos on the ride. Definitely wishing I did though!

203 : 365 Jeff and I took a short walk together, in the oppressive heat, so I could pick some weeds to make an arrangement. This is one of my favorite summer activities.

204 : 365 Ziggy enjoying? hating? getting used to? the water. We got an early start to the day and headed to a swimming hole before the summer weekened crowd took over. It was a blast. I do love a nice, clean swimming pool but there is definitely something special about places like this.

Here’s to making this an awesome week! …Maybe one where I don’t leave the fridge open.

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