project 365 : days 205 – 211

205 : 365 Plants on plants on plants.
Tiny face planters by Friend Assembly, eucalyptus pin by Hemleva, and air plants from Aura Creations.

206 : 365 Taking Klaus out in the evenings is normally Jeff’s job but a few evenings ago I took ended up taking him out before bed. Right where the sidewalk and my driveway met I spotted this lil dude. Upside down and dead – like he was waiting for me! He hadn’t dried out yet either so I was able to pin him right away. I’ve already got a couple of these dudes in my insect collection but there’s always room for another!

207 : 365 Just a gal who maybe sorta already went mostly green again and some sparklers.

208 : 365 Pencil cactus!

209 : 365 Friday we woke up early to go camping with my family. I have SO many photos to sort through and edit. I feel very happy with what I shot. I’ll probably have enough to break up into a few blog posts. In the mean time here’s my niece showing Jeff her snake, and the moon.

210 : 365 We stopped at Kinzua Bridge. Jeff and I had visited earlier in the year (photos here!) but it was fun to go again with my family.
PS. If you have a land camera, you can find film for it here. It’s expensive but so worth it.

211 : 365 On our way home from camping we made a little detour to visit a state hospital. Jeff really enjoys the architecture of this certain type of hospital, I had wanted to check out a psychiatric hosptial cemetery for a while now, and there was a geocache on the hospital grounds so it was really a win/win/win. I didn’t take many photos since basically all of the headstones were the same but I did take a handful of shots essentially  just to say “I was here.” With the spotty lighting I wasn’t sure I’d have anything worth sharing but I did end up loving the photo below. My favorite part has to be that ghostly looking thing near the center of the photo between the tree and the flag. Eeeep!

Hope your week is off to a great start!

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