project 365 : days 191 – 197

191 : 365 Wrestlemania.

192 : 365 The cutest kitty lapel pin from Bee’s Knees Industries (and an excuse to show off my new hair color again!)

193 : 365 16.5 miles zig zagging around the city. On the way home Jeff and I stopped off at this little overlook to shoot the sunset and flowers. I didn’t get any awesome shots of the sky but I like my photo of the flowers. They look so whimsical. Also, Jeff got a really cute photo of me hanging out in the flowers.

194 : 365 I got some dentures in the mail (thank you, Stephanie!) and thought it’d be funny to take a photo of them beside Professor. I was not expecting that face from him but it absolutely kills me. How did I end up with the most expressive kitty ever!?

195 : 365 Home made iced coffee with cholocate and caramel syrup! Earlier this year I bought a cold brew maker. It’s the best! I drink so much more iced coffee. It’s great to just always have some ready, especially when it’s hot out. Nothing beats iced coffee!

196 : 365 Mindi shared a photo of her TDS zipper pouch collection which (gave me butterflies and) inspired me to shoot some photos of my pouches as well. You can still grab this one as well as a handful of other designs here.

197 : 365 Sunday was Taste of Tremont which is a huge neighborhood food fesitival. Usually we have to walk or bike in because it gets SO crazy. This year though? I live literally one block away. So we actually moved my car out on to the street early in the morning, let family park in our driveway for most of the day and after they left started charging. We had two “customers”, made $20 and immediately spent that on food. It was A+ puppy watching. I’m already lookin’ forward to next year.

Happy Monday! Hope your week is off to a great start.


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