six months + six reasons

July 1st marked six whole months since Jeff and I moved in to what has to be the world’s cutest apartment together. It feels like we just moved into this place a few days ago but on the same hand, I can’t even remember what it was like to live seperately. It took nearly three years before we were both ready to make the leap but any fears about it were quickly washed away. I think I speak for both of us when I say living together has done wonders for our relationship.

To celebrate six months I’ve made a list of my six favorite things about living together…

▴ Watching Jeff bond with the animals.

All of the animals definitely already had a special relationship with Jeff but over the last six months they have undoubledly become BFFs. Nothing makes me happier than seeing Squid love on him. This was a kitty who previously only really let me pet her and now she is constantly baring her belly to Jeff which is such a huge sign of trust. And Klaus – gosh – that dog! I think the biggest supporter of our relationship, the person who most wants us to succeed as a couple, is that dog. Him and Jeff are inseparable.

▴ Spending more time together but separately.

There came a point before we were living together where things were kind of frustrating. We’d want to be together but also at home and doing our own separate things. Like I want to be near you but not necessarily doing that same thing as you. Living together obviously solved that problem! I love that I can get my work done but also pop into his office, give him a smooch real quick before grabbing a snack from the kitchen and getting back to work. Life feels so much more fluid.

▴ Making food together.

This is one of the things I was most excited about and it most certainly did not disappoint. Over the last three years Jeff has turned me from the world’s pickiest eater to a complete foodie. I couldn’t wait to some day live together and be able to share meals more often. I adore when we make food together, especially when it means he makes one element of the meal and I make another. Being in the kitchen together is easily one of my favorite things in the whole world.

▴ Sharing chores.

He takes out trash, I wash dishes. He hangs things on the wall, I do laundry. It works out perfectly. He does the things I hate, and I do the things he takes forever at. (Seriously, you should see this dude try to wash dishes. It takes him forty-nine years. I’m happy to save him some time.)

▴ Combining collections!

The first time I went to Jeff’s apartment I knew that someday our stuff would look really good together. Our tastes are very similar yet different. He chooses things that I think are neat but maybe wouldn’t necessarily want to purchase for myself and those things always end up looking perfect with the things I own. It’s like his weird collections and mine are two pieces of the same puzzle. We have one damn cute apartment. Nary a day goes by that one of us doesn’t comment on how much we love this place.

▴ Lazy mornings.

Some days we wake up early just to move to the couch, turn on the tv, and continue sleeping. Other mornings we grab coffee from our favorite coffee shop and pick up donuts that never make it back to the apartment. I truly love the mornings we get to spend together. There is just something special about starting the day with the one you love.

Jeffrey, I love sharing my space and my life with you!


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