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I feel like my wardrobe is heading toward something Steve Jobs-esque. Not that I’m going to start wearing black turtlenecks and jeans every single day but that I’ve started simplifying it without even meaning to! I really enjoy getting dressed up, and puting together fun outfits but maybe more than that I love anything I can just throw on and know its going to look awesome without having to waste time over-thinking it. Overalls and stripes are basically that to me. Honestly, stripes in general are just my jam. I’m sure you could have gathered that information from looking through my past what I wore posts though, right?

I already had an abundance of black and white striped tops, my collection of overalls is pretty respectable (lol), and I just picked these snazzy white Reebok Classics from DSW! They are so comfortable. Also – maybe sort of getting off topic a bit here – have you guys been in DSW lately? I hadn’t and felt a little bit like a kid in a candy store with the number of shoes I actually liked. I feel like I browse the shoes at all my regular stops but never make it a point to actually go to shoe stores which, surprise surprise, is clearly a mistake! SO many amazing shoes there. I’m honestly surprised I made it out with only one pair.

Back to what I was saying, all together this is such a simple outfit but I feel like it looks like I spent more than three seconds picking it out. Despite the fact that clean white shoes are really hard for me to maintain I still always end up choosing them. For the few times I get to wear them while they’re still their original color I feel so fabulous, and fashionable. I’m excited to pair these ones with some simple dresses this summer before they’re absolutely destroyed.

What’s your favorite quick + easy outfit? I’d be very interested to know because I’m sure overalls wouldn’t be a quick + easy outfit for everyone and I bet a lot of other people’s choices would be something I’d end up overthinking. I guess it’s all about what makes you feel best.

One last thing! My hair in these photos is extremely faded green, as you probably noticed. I’d been purposely fading my hair for a while so that I could finally move on from green. I felt a little self consious about it because I knew how faded it really was but looking at these photos I realize it looked dang awesome! Sometimes I wish dyeing hair could be more of a science but the journey really is half the fun and it leads me to colors I probably wouldn’t do otherwise. I definitely rocked this faded hair! Needless to say, if you didn’t catch on by the past tense I spoke in, I’m no longer green. At least, not entirely. Photos to come soon, OBVIOUSLY!


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  • Oh maaaaan am I in the same boat! It’s fun to come up with unique and cute outfits, but having stuff that you can just throw together in an instant is turning out to be way more my style – maybe it’s an age thing? Who knows!
    I just bought some of Gap’s super comfortable jogger pants (like these: http://www.gap.com/browse/product.do?vid=2&pid=522031002) and I don’t think I can ever go back… they’re like work-appropriate pajamas that somehow also convert really easily into casual everyday wear. Perfect! And they look super cute with all of my striped shirts (I, too, have a love of stripes).

    • I’ve been wanting to try out pants like that. I’m not sure I’d feel like I was dressed up enough, like maybe I’d feel sloppy but they sure do look comfortable! I’m gonna have to go try those on!

      • I was worried about that too, but found them to be a lot more versatile than I anticipated! I think it all depends on what you pair with them; so far, I’ve found they work great with blouses (if the blouse is tucked in) and t-shirts (tucked or untucked, depending on what vibe I’m going for).


  • I know you said you’re changing your hair soon, but man, I’m loving the blue & green together! I look awful in overalls – my chest is too big, I look so disproportional – but I love them on other people. I’m wearing a romper today; in the summer, dresses & rompers are my go-to because I can’t be bothered to match stuff.

    • I think its all about the shirt you pair with them! If I wear light colored shirt, a bra that has any sort of padding and my overalls – I look super top heavy. Dark colors definitely help minimize my boobs.

      Since you’re local, where do you shop for rompers? I recently discovered just how much I love them and NEED to buy about fifty more of them! 😛

  • For me, dresses are the quickest, easiest thing. I never thought I’d feel that way, and it’s not the first thing I think of, but when all my bottoms are dirty and I throw on a dress it feels so simple because I don’t have to think about what looks good with what.

    • Oh, I totally get that! Sometimes I overthink what cardigan and shoes to pair with a dress but I have this black dress that I always know I can just throw on, literally pair with anything and feel fab!