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Y’all, this might be my favorite outfit I have ever shared here. Nearly ten years of sharing funky outfits on the internet and one simple romper rules them all.

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A few weeks ago Jeff and I were laying in bed when he just randomly spits out “Can I buy you a romper?” It was reeeally stinken cute the way he said it so nervously like he anticipated a “no”. He explained that he’d someone wearing one recently and thought I’d look really cute in one. I told him that with my long torso I wasn’t sure I’d find one that fit comfortably but that I’d be more than willing to go try some on for him. Of course you can take me shopping, duh!

Target didn’t have much of a romper selection but TJ Maxx came through – as always. TJ Maxx is my jam! I quickly found three that I liked enough to try on and the second I tried on this starry one I knew that even if he wasn’t sold, it was coming home with me. Luckily he loved it just as much as I did, if not more. Jeff doesn’t really buy me clothes so this romper feels really special. I love wearing it, and I love wearing it even more when I’m with him.

I can’t believe this whole time I’ve been missing out on rompers. Sure, I tried on more than a few after getting this one that were definitely way too short for my body. Perma-wedgie! But finding the right one is so worth the annoyance of trying a bunch on. It’s SO comfortable and it’s like the easiest possible outfit to wear. Paired with this hat that I now wear constantly, cute sunglasses, and literally any shoes I want – I feel like a million bucks. I can’t believe I’ve survived summer without one before this. On really hot days, it’s so much cooler than wearing anything else! I’m changed woman. The last few times I’ve been to TJ Maxx since I head straight to where I think rompers might be. I need more!

hat – Target
sunglasses – TJ Maxx
romper – TJ Maxx
necklace – tooth necklace by Goingsnake Silver
shoes – espadrilles c/o Viscata Barcelona

PS. To my long torso pals, the brand of the romper is Mimi Chica. I obviously can’t speak of how all their rompers fit but if you’ve found it hard to find ones long enough starting with this brand might be a solid idea. They have a few available on their website, at Tillys, at Nordstorm, and Nordstrom Rack!









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  • I LOVE THIS. You look so comfortable in these photos. (And OMG girl, those legs!!!) I have to say though, as soon as you said the romper was from TJ Maxx I went “NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!”, because I really really want it. 🙁 There’s only one romper I’ve ever tried on that fit me incredibly well, but it was from a brand I just could not bring myself to rock. Oh well! One day, there will be another!

    • Hah! I know the feeling! Its always such a bummer when you see someone in something and they say it’s from TJ Maxx or that it’s vintage!

  • You look so self-possessed and sexy! I love it. Go you! Your leg muscles are inspiring me to get into the gym. And I had the same experience with rompers giving me a perma-wedge – so good to know there are gems out there. 🙂

  • I’m getting here late but just have to tell you I love your new hair color! The romper is adorns on you too. I enjoyed all of your seal pictures (did you hear me squeal? ) 🙂 I have always longed to see a real tide pool so I especially loved those pictures. I feel like I was right there peering over your shoulder. Lovely, lovely photographs. Thank you for sharing Kayla.🐈🐶❤️🐈🐶❤️

  • You look so amazing!! I also have a long torso and have found about two rompers that work but I just feel too naked in them to wear them frequently. Which makes no sense, since I wear shorts that are the same length… Who knows, lol! But you look beautiful in yours, so rock it! Would you ever consider doing a tattoo post (or did you do one and I missed it)? That cat tattoo is to die for, and I’m always curious about your sewing machine and seeing what the ones on your arms are! I know tattoos are personal so I would understand if you didn’t want to, they are just so stunning.

    • Thank you so much, Gabbi! 🙂

      As for a tattoo post – Noooope, I no longer share photos of my tattoos on the internet. It sounds silly but I actually found a dude on instagram who EXACTLY copied both my thigh tattoo and my right arm – which is like the creepiest thing ever.