10 things making me smile

dumb, happy puppies.

finding mushy photos I honestly don’t even remember taking.

making crazy colorful bouquets of whatever I can get my hands on.

finding random things I don’t quite understand.

‘Y’ did you nail this here? Maybe it’s super thought out, maybe someone found the letter and randomly nailed it there because why not? Either way, I’m very into this sort of thing.

this litter nose creep.

making pals while geocaching.

the tiny world of mushrooms.

this tooth holding our toothbrushes.

 photos that feel like summer time & that handsome dude on the bike.

these photos of my dad + I from my birthday.

Toward the beginning of the month I received one of those awful phone calls from my mom. The kind where as soon as you see who is calling you get a pit in your stomach.

‘Hey, what are you doing?’
‘What’s going on? Why are you calling me?’ Her question of what I was doing didn’t even merit a response. I could hear it in her voice, something was definitely wrong.
‘Don’t cry because it’ll me make me cry but dad was in a motorcycle accident.’

My dad, the strongest, most badass person in the whole wide world, has been out of commission for essentially the entire month. It’s heartbreaking. You don’t want to think about your parents being anything less than invincible, ya know? He was finally supposed to go into surgery today but that got cancelled yesterday. Its obviously a bigger bummer for him than me but it still sucks. I just want my dad to be happy, and healthy again. I’ve been stressing out about this all for so long so I thought it only appropriate to make a list of ten good things.

So, tell me, what’s making you smile today? I need to hear about allllll the good things!

PS. If anyone could just magically make my dad all better, that’d be great. If not, I’d love it if you tweeted me photos of cute animals. (I’m @thedaintysquid, of course.)
PPS. This tweet + photo about my dad from last summer also make me smile & should probably be linked here too!


Author: Kaylah Stroup

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  • So sorry to hear about your dad, I hope his surgery happens ASAP – I’m sure he’ll be back to tricks in no time. The photos of you guys on your birthday are just perfect <3

    Making me smile today: my cats being dorks and "helping" me do DIY; feeling my baby move (I'm pregnant!); looking forward to eating yoghurt & cookies with my fiancé tonight; the fact it's been raining all day today (it's been really hot lately, and I do not cope well with the heat!); playing fiddle with my mum and seeing your photos and reading about what's making you smile, of course! 🙂

    • Cats are always the best helpers. 😛

      I’m so happy it’s been cooling down too! I love a good rainy day, especially with the window open and a breeze blowing in.

  • Sending so many good vibes your dad’s way… wishing him a speedy recovering. <3

    Also, I've been trying to figure out, whenever I see a photo of him, why your boyfriend looks so familiar, & it just hit me. Duh. I think we went to high school together! Small little Northeast Ohio world.

  • I love your photo aesthetic – editing skills on point! Do you use photoshop?
    I really hope your dad is ok and on the mend; sending good vibes! Nothing worse than getting one of those phone calls <3

    I'm currently smiling every day because I'm in a job I love, finally, living the life I want [or at least very far down the path towards it] and me and my dog are getting on really well at the moment. Sounds strange but she can be a total bitch sometimes and, at the moment, she's being nice to me! 😛

    • Thanks, Sam! I use photoshop for making collages, and GIF but for editing I use lightroom. Jeff convinced me to give it a shot shortly after we started dating and I haven’t looked back since. I love it.

      I’m so happy things are going right for you! <3

      I totally know what you mean about getting along with your dog - sometimes I feel like Klaus is just being such a butthead. Other days we get along like peas and carrots.

  • These are the first pics I’ve ever seen you post of your father without a cigar lol! Glad to see he still has some spark in his paws. Best wishes.