2017 doolan family camping trip

The weekend before last my family and I went on our annual camping trip. Well, our kind of annual camping trip. We try to go every year but you know how it goes… Anyway everyone took off work on Friday and we all headed up to the Allegheny National Forest. Instead of booking a cabin or even a spot at a campground we opted to rough it. My brother had a really neat map of places you’re allowed to just set up camp and set out early to find us a rad spot in the woods.

We ate, we hiked, and we just hung out around the fire. It was a blast. I took so many photos over the course of the weekend. I edited a little bit differently than normal and I feel like they really capture the camping vibe. I wish I could crawl into these photos and stay for a little while just to soak up some more time there.

My five favorite things from the 2017 Doolan family camping trip.

  1. My hammock. Gosh, I seriously adore that thing. I love lounging in it every chance I get, and getting to sleep in it is the coziest. Jeff and I are slowly but surely turning my whole family on to hammocks too. It was a blast to have a little community of hammocks with Jeff, and my nephew. Honestly, money well spent. I paid thirteen but apparently the one I have is only five bucks now. Also – hanging string lights above your hammock makes sleeping in it even more magical. Highly recommended! I will never camp without them again!
  2. Geocaching with my brothers. There’s a huge age gap between them and I. Geocaching together is the one time when I feel like it totally disappears.
  3. Mushrooms… upon mushrooms… upon mushrooms! I can’t tell you how many mushrooms I photographed over that weekend. I may not blog about them as regularly as I used to but that doesn’t mean I’m not still super excited about them!
  4. Food cooked over the campfire. I’m a burger snob. I live for fancy burgers but DAAANG, a burger cooked over a camp fire hits the spot especially with lots of relish. I could totally go for one right now.
  5. Family time, duh. Hikes. Sitting around the fire. Trying to master the art of saying things backwards.* We don’t do enough of it!

eastern spotted newt, eft

camping in hammocks

I’m already looking forward to next year’s camping trip!

*You guys, download the app ‘Voice Changer Lite’ . Record yourself saying a short phrase slowly. Listen to it in reverse enough times until you feel like you’ve got it memorized then record that and listen to it in reverse again. It is SO funny. Jeff and I regularly play with friends but I got my brothers in on it too on this trip. It’s great family fun.

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  • Oh wow, these photos are all so magical! I was recently talking to a friend about how much I used to adore camping and how I haven’t been jn YEARS. I’m definitely taking your advice and investing in one of those hammocks + string lights!

    And of course, the critter photos are killing me. Serious heart eyes going on over here 😍😍😍

  • This looks like an absolutely magical camping trip. I haven’t been camping for about two years now, when I went with my then-boyfriend & all his friends. It was the first time I met most of them, which is sort of an awkward way to be introduced to a group! “So nice to meet you, sorry none of us has showered in three days.”

    I love how fearless you are about nature. I love creepy-crawlies from afar, but whenever I’m actually out & about in the woods or wherever, I start to panic that stuff is in my hair & stuck on my skin… I’d really like to reach your kind of comfort level – or even half of it!

    • Hahah! Yeah, camping with sorta-strangers is always a little bit weird.

      It’s all about being exposed to them, honestly. Whenever I bring up how weird it is to me that people are afraid of these things Jeff has to remind me that I’ve been touching them since I was a baby and that I’m the weird one. There are seriously photos of baby Kaylah who could barely sit on her own holding a snake while sitting in the pond. My dad is a super nature dude so critters have just always kind of been around me.