project 365 : days 212 – 218

212 : 365 I was trying to get a photo of Professor laying here on the table right by our front door but clearly the lighting wasn’t working in my favor. I do think it’s hilarious you can see his creepy little teeth though. He looks like an angry little snake.

213 : 365 Squid has been so darn affectionate lately. She’s been doing this thing where she just walks up to you and buries her face in your arm. It’s very sweet.

214 : 365 Birthday bike ride to the beach.

215 : 365 Leftover cake and some of my favorite coffee for breakfast. Seriously, that coffee is too good. Drinking it out of the carton really adds to the taste too. That almost sounds like I’m being sarcastic but truly, I LOVE the flavor it adds. Reminds me a lot of the milk in the small carton you’d get at school, except its coffee!

216 : 365 Photos like this of my sweet little angel of a kitten absolutely crack me up. He looks so mean! Really he was just excited about light and I was saying “get it! get it, buddy!” That’s usually what’s happening behind the scenes anytime you see a photo of him with his mouth open.

217 : 365 My birthday bike ride! The goal was hit fifty miles but we started a little late in the day, took too many long stops for snacks, and had a slower paced rider. Still a ton of fun! I totaled 28 miles for the day. Not too shabby!

Previous to this ride I think my longest had been around 30 miles which absolutely kicked my butt. I was so tired afterward. This ride felt like nothing. I, of course, was a little tired at the end of the day but definitely still had a lot of miles left in me. I easily could have kept riding for a few more hours. It’s so encouraging to see improvements like this.

218 : 365 Sunday mornings are generally pretty awesome around these parts. I love a slow start to the day with Jeff.

Hope your week is off to a great start!

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