project 365 : days 232 – 238

232 : 365 Sunday evening outfit photos. You can find the resulting post here.

233 : 365 I hadn’t thought too much about the eclipse before looking out my window and spotting a bunch of my neighbors staring at the sky. I decided to grab my camera and head outside. This is what I shot.  There are a few other shots over on my instagram, they actually became the most liked thing I’ve ever posted.

234 : 365 Earling morning sunshine coming into my office.

235 : 365 The fact that this photo is overexposed almost makes it even more creepy. This expressive little kitten is my favorite photography subject.

236 : 365 I took a few last minute photos for the post on fun lighting around my apartment. Definitely recommend checking that out if you haven’t yet! The rest of the lights are way more awesome than this photo lets on.

237 : 365 Friday’s outfit. Pins by Hemleva, found on Moorea Seal. I feel like this is a pretty accurate depiction of what I’ve been wearing a whole lot of lately. Overalls, bandana, pins + stripes!

238 : 365 I have some new shoes… and I’m obsessed. I was originally leaning toward the black pair but decided I wanted to try something out of my comfort zone. Leopard print is definitely outside my comfort zone. I actually really really love them. They’re super cozy too!

Hope your week is off to a great start!

Author: Kaylah Stroup

A collector of weird things. Plant Enthusiast. Wanderer. Beachcomber. Forever longing for the desert.

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  • Funny story about Chuck Palahniuk. I was working at a comic book store when his Fight Club comic came out a few years ago and he was doing a lot of the promotional things himself! So he called the store, I picked up and he politely introduced himself and of course I got temporary amnesia and do NOT remember what he said to me. He ended up stopping by the shop to hand over some items like a limited first edition copy of fight club, signed, one of his HAND MADE book marks which was amazing to just look at and a few severed plastic hands 🙂 Nicest guy, I just wish I had the courage to talk to him more!

    • Haha! That’s funny! I’d probably do the same, and completely blank out while he was talking to me. I’m not good in those situations! 😛