It’s the little things…

by Kaylah Stroup

For the past four years, I have been waiting for the day Klaus and the cats were finally friends. I adopted a puppy hoping my cats would raise him to be basically a giant cat. That didn’t go as planned though. The cats weren’t fond of this big, smelly, energetic creature, and poor Klaus could never understand why.

The first year there was barely any progress on the friend front. Klaus was more than interested in being buds but neither of the cats wanted anything to do with him. He just had too much energy. The three of them would rarely even be in the same room together.

The second year the cats and Klaus joining Jeff and I in bed was a HUGE deal. I have so many grainy photos of the five of us together that I excitedly took. “I’m touching all my babies at once!” was whisper shouted multiple times. It was a very fragile thing though. One wrong move and the lot of them would scatter. Most of the time they hung out at completely opposite sides of the house unless united by their love of Jeff and I.

The third year things became a bit more comfortable. The three of them were regularly all in the same room, and often joined us in bed for a movie each evening. Touching was definitely off limits but it didn’t matter because I was happy to have everyone together. Once or twice I even caught Professor and Klaus in bed together without Jeff or I joining them. It was an exciting time.

This year everything changed. All of the animals cuddling up on the couch with us in the evening is a common occurrence. There have been more than a handful of occasions where Professor will be laying on my chest and Klaus would cuddle up next to us. Professor sometimes licks Klaus’ ears and even tolerates licks back. Its becoming more and more regular for Professor to smash his little head into Klaus’. (He’s a huge nuzzler!) Unlike in year two and three, it takes a lot of effort to get them off the couch or bed when they’re up there together. I’ve been feeling really great about it. Although I had been thinking that their friendship had reached its height, like if they hadn’t cuddled yet they probably wouldn’t. Then from my office, I glanced back into the living room and spotted this…

On my birthday I managed to grab a photo of a pretty awesome cuddle session between these two (see here) but I had been there as mediator. So to turn around and catch them like this without any other humans nearby was pretty dang exciting. I wonder how often this happens that I don’t catch it. Hopefully all the time…

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