project 365 : days 239 – 245

239 : 365 Just a super happy puppy. Look at those silly teeth!

240 : 365 Jeff shot some outfit photos for me. It was so awesome to not have to take them myself. They came out super cute. I’ll share them later this week but for now, my shoes.

241 : 365 Two things I love cactus + bokeh.

242 : 365 Professor looking pretty unimpressed with the amount of rainbows in the living room.

243 : 365 My favorite place to catch Squid relaxing.

244 : 365 Friday night ice cream. I got a butterfinger affogato. I would share photos… but I basically inhaled it.

245 : 365 Saturday morning ritual of getting coffee + donuts with my dude.

This week’s Project 365 feels so quick and to the point. It was such a busy week. Plans changed about forty different times but I started the week thinking I’d have only two days to get two whole weeks worth of work done. I was wildly productive for a couple days then basically crashed after that. Photos definitely weren’t high on my to-do list. I’m looking forward to making it up to my camera this week.

Hope your week is off to an excellent start!

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