Friday Favorites #438

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If you need a hand keeping track of your jewelry…

(via Vanilla Kiln)

Collectors coalition!? WHAT? I need this patch!

(via Mokuyobi Threads)

This sweater and these jeans would look so lovely together.

(via Modcloth)

Love this whole outfit but especially the coat!

(via Modcloth)

I feel like I’ve had to have featured this a few times already but c’mon, this mini cactus neon light is so cool! Plus it’s super afforable too.

(via mk neon)

Would you look at this alien bath bomb!?

(via Lillian Violet Soap Co)

Cooler weather means its back to tub life for me!

(via Last Craft)

I can’t decide which pair of these gorgeous pastel shoes I love the most.

(via Golden Ponies)

Dreaming of how beautiful this pink jacket would look paired with my green hair.  There are other colors too!

(via Amazon)

Lovin’ this pin!

(via Pinsanity)

Link love…

Happy Friday!


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  • Arrrgh those measuring cups are so cute! I expected them to be more expensive and now I’m struggling not to buy them. I’m also *thisclose* to subscribing to that bone box. I hate surprises but it seems like it would be worth it since you can cancel at any time. It was basically made for us!

    • I looove surprises but I am super picky about what I add to my bone collection. I looked through all the tagged photos on instagram from people who subscribed and it looks SO FREAKIN GOOD! Such a cool idea.

  • This has nothing to do with this post, but I was just curious if you could possibly do another post about your fathers foxes? I feel like you talked about them a lot and then they just kinda dropped off, as well as his cute dog!
    Can we can a animal update?!?! PLEEEASE