It’s the little things…


Earlier this summer my parents adopted a dog, Ellie May. Klaus spends a decent amount of time at my parent’s house since they’re the only people I trust to babysit him. So when my dad brought home this neglected pup from a coworker I think we were all a little nervous about how they’d react to each other. They basically became BFFs immediately though. They honestly could not be more perfect for each other. Klaus and Ellie May are the same size, around the same age, and their energy levels are exactly the same. Seeing them together is the best. It melts my heart. Nothing makes me smile more than seeing Klaus play.

Last Saturday Jeff and I went over to my parent’s house to visit. While we were there I took SO many cute photos of these two idiots, I have to share! Dog faces mid-wrestling are absolutely hilarious. Hope you enjoy these as much as I do…

Seeing Klaus have fun is my favorite, and wearing out his energy makes me feel like an accomplished dog mom.

For more Ellie May check out this tweet, and these photos of her playing in the leaves!
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