project 365 : days 274 – 280

274 : 365 I am dying over Professor’s… everything in that first shot. There are more photos from this little shoot here.

275 : 365 It’s kind of amazing how fresh a new pillow can make your whole living room feel! This one was less than five bucks aaaand I am incredibly pleased with how nicely it ties everything together.

276 : 365 Is it possible to resist one dollar Halloween socks? Nope. Also, matching your hair to your shirt (and shoes) is the best.

277 : 365 For the past two or three years I haven’t been to big on decorating for holidays. This year the urge came back full force and I was disappointed that I had essentially nothing for Halloween. I picked up this pumpkin from Target and feel like, although very minimal, it’s a great start. I plan on stocking up once everything goes on clearance so I’ll be set for next year.

278 : 365 This guy is into the season too!

279 : 365 This doll face may very well be my favorite find ever. The night previous I had actually had a dream about finding a bunch of plastic soldiers on the beach so when I woke up my first thought was ‘I need to go to the beach!’ Not even five minutes after getting there I spotted this little creepy face staring back at me. SCORE!

280 : 365 My estate sale finds of the day. This just might have been the very best estate sale I have ever been to. It was that of a doctor who collected medical quackery and antique odditities. This place just jam packed with all the weirdest stuff. I would have moved in in a heartbeat.

Hope your week is off to an awesome start!

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  • Re: Halloween decorations—If you’re near a Pier 1, they have a “bejeweled skull” that is much better quality and size than the price would suggest (if you’re into such tacky oddities (I am into such tacky oddities and he is an everyday decoration in my house, obviously)). If you’re not near a Pier 1, it’s available online. And if you’re not at all interested, at least google it because it’s amazing! 😀