project 365 : days 323 – 329

323 : 365 Jeff has been taking outfit photos for me lately which is SO NICE. It’s so much easier than me running back and forth to my tripod. I’m loving all the textures and colors in this shot. Can I just have a pair of Palladium Boots in every color?!!

324 : 365 Rearranged some plants so they could reap the benefits of my grow light. (Full review here!)

325 : 365 Picked up some Sally Hansen insta-dri on a whim and remembered why I love that brand so much. I recall liking insta-dri before but I swear this stuff is even better now!  It dries so dang fast. I ended up going back a few days later and grabbing another color. I’m currently wearing leapin’ lilac. It’s beeeeautiful!

326 : 365 Sleepy babies!

327 : 365 Ear photos turned selfie session. I am so so so in love my new earlobes.

328 : 365 Guess what I finally did! Took photos for a living room tour post! What, what!!! I mean, it only took me eleven months. You can look for that coming later this week. My duckling also got a new hat so that’s pretty rad too!

329 : 365 Unboxing the modular cat Christmas tree.

Hope your week is off to an awesome start!

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  • Hi! I remember way back when you did some nail polish tutorials but have you ever done a “this is how to apply nail polish”-tutorial? It might be a no brainer to most of the people but i don’t seem to be able to paint my nails so they look clean. I mean are there specific steps to do before applying the polish and how to apply polish so the result is the best?

  • “Modular cat” made me lol. He is the cutest. I love the top hat for the duckling – mine has a witches hat (and tiny broom!) and everything looks better in a tiny hat.