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canon 6d mark ii


It seems like every year I end up getting myself one very nice Christmas gift – usually photograghy related. Last year it was a new lens, this year a camera! I had been saving my pennies (still loving Digit, y’all!!) for one of Canon’s newest cameras for a little bit but wasn’t really expecting to purchase for a few months. Then I saw a Black Friday deal I couldn’t resist and just went for it! For the same price that most websites carry the camera for I was able to purchase a bundle that came with a fancy pants photo printer, photo paper, battery grip, memory card, and spare battery!

I felt a little guilty after buying it because big purchases always make me nervous but after finally getting the camera in the mail all of that washed away. I’m absolutely in love with my new beast of a camera. I had been wanting to upgrade to a full frame camera for a while but was adamant that I buy one with a flip screen – something Canon didn’t make until this camera. It’s everything I’ve dreamed of, and has totally renewed my passion!

Getting a new camera was the perfect push for Jeff and I to start wandering around at night again too. We’ve gone out in the cold a handful of times in the last couple weeks to shoot and I just want to share a few of my favorite photos. I had never really played around with night photography, and long exposures until meeting Jeff. I’ve done a pretty good job at documenting my progress so it only feels right I post these as well. I’m particularly fond of the first shot!

canon 6d mark ii long exposure, cleveland, ohio, skyline, canon 6d mark ii

Look how pretty Cleveland is!

All photos taken with a Canon 6D Mark ii, 35mm f/1.4L, and of course, wouldn’t be possible without a tripod!

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