what I wore : polka dotted

by Kaylah Stroup

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glasses – BonLook
dress – polka dot dress via Amazon
lapel pin – Weird Beard Candle Co.
cardigan – layering wrap with hood via Target
purse –  foldover clutch via Amazon
socks – Target
shoes – oxfords by White Mountain

For the longest time I avoided cardigans that weren’t short, and fitted. My idea of something different was same cardigan, new color. I actually own six or seven of this cardigan, no joke. It’s still a favorite. But then I discovered a love of long cardigans. First of all, they’re usually much warmer which is important when you’re a freeze baby. Aaaand they can totally save a too short dress which is important when the majority of dresses made in 2017 are too short for your frame! This dress is fine when I’m standing up straight but basically if I move at all you’re guaranteed to see some booty! Target claims this cardigan is a robe for lounging around the house in but I say it’s perfect for saving short dress and making them into the coziest outfit ever!

outfit photos are v. serious business, obviously.

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