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One of my favorite little rituals here in the Dainty Squid household (less than 135 days until I can call it ‘The Stroup household’! Ah!) is doing face masks with Jeff a couple times a week. I grew up with two brothers and a dad who were basically deeply offended by ‘girly’ products like lotion so when I met Jeff and learned that he liked beauty products just as much as I did I could not have been more excited. Doing face masks by yourself is fun, but sharing that with someone else is the best! It’s also great because it’s how I justify buying so many. “Oh, I think Jeff would really like this one. I should buy that for him…”

Needless to say, I’ve found a handful that I really really enjoy! I’m always trying new masks (I even found another fave after writing up this post – 7th Heaven’s charcoal peel-off mask!) so I thought it’d be fun to share a little round up of a few of my recent favorites…

face mask round up!

A few of my favorite face masks, in no particular order…

Elizavecca Milky Piggy hell-pore clean up mask. Other people’s review photos are what sold me on this. Honestly, so gross! While my results aren’t as dramatic, I can still see a handful of blackheads it pulls out each time. I recommend using it right after you get out of the shower so your pores are open. I apply only to my blackhead prone areas – chin and nose. I find that it comes off easily, with no pain whatsoever. It’s satisfying to use and makes my face feel very clean. This one is my favorite of the six listed!

Queen Helene mint julep masque. Smells great, leaves my face smooth, and clean but not overly tight. What more could you ask for? I like to use this one when my face is oily. Definitely not a mask you’d want to use if you were dealing with dry skin though.

Freeman renewing cucumber peel-off gel mask. Unlike the other peel off mask listed in this post, this one is gentle enough to apply to my whole face. It comes off easily, often in one piece, with no discomfort at all. It smells nice and fresh, and leaves my face feeling the same way. This is Jeff’s favorite of the bunch!

Snowfox arctic breeze detox cooling mask. Despite this being the only one this list, I’m a big fan of sheet masks. Snowfox’s cooling mask is especially relaxing. It smells great and leaves my face feeling hydrated and supple. If I had to choose one word to describe how this makes my skin feel it would be ‘calm.’ I wish I could do this one every single day!

Freeman cleansing apple cider vinegar clay mask + scrub.  This product can be used both as a mask and a scrub. Best for those times your face really needs a good clean! I like to use it when I get dry patches on my chin (winter, man!) because it does a great job exfoliating. My favorite time to use this one is right before hopping in the shower so that it washes off easily. I enjoy following up with a moisturizing sheet mask (like this banana milk bomb one) but it’s definitely not necessary.

Elizavecca Milky Piggy carbonated bubble clay mask. Another mask where the review photos are what sold me. If you couldn’t tell by the photos below, this mask is bubbly! It applies like a normal mask but quickly begins to bubble. Half the reason I LOVE this mask is because it’s so funny to see yourself with a fluffy cloud face but it truly does leave my face feeling clean, refreshed and baby smooth! My only complaint is that washing it off can be a time consuming – although I must admit I enjoy ‘shaving’ off the bubbles with my finger.

 Elizavecca Milky Piggy carbonated bubble clay mask review

What are some of your favorite face masks? We’re always looking for new ones!

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  • The Freeman and Queen Helene ones take me back – I used to love doing that stuff when I was a tween! I seriously want the bubbly mask and the artic fox one (though really I want to scoop up every one of these masks)! So fun!! Thanks for sharing – I can’t wait to try some of these!

  • The Freeman renewing cucumber peel-off gel mask was the first face mask I ever bought! I still use it occasionally and this makes me want to pull it out again. I like the Tonymoly masks. I usually buy a set off Amazon (currently out of stock), so I have all of the different ones.
    I keep a drawer for sheet masks in my bathroom and I love it when my boyfriend will do them with me 🙂

  • I think the title should be “this piggy brand is awesome, but here are some other stuff” XD Sadly I don’t know if many of these brands are vegan. Especially the Korean ones. They could be but I don’t read korean.T__T

    This post prompted me to grab one of the sheet masks I got for Christmas. I love them but I forget to do them. My sister got me Spalife Coconut Water Brightening. It seems pretty nice. But my favorite is Devita Cappuccino Mudd Mask. It smells so good. I got it as a bonus gift in my order, and it has lasted me forever (partly because I keep getting other mask samples, and this was a full size)

  • UM, where is that furry robe from?! oh my goodness Kayla it’s the robe I never knew I wanted until now!
    fave masks of the moment, priced low to high:
    • Aztec Secret clay mask http://amzn.to/2zOy48T — you may have already tried this but if you haven’t, it’s amazing. A) it lasts fricken’ forever & b) it makes your skin vibrate. Like it feels electrified in a cool, not scary, way. & the price is nice.
    • La Neige Water Sleeping Mask http://seph.me/2rVmsS4
    — this one is so good, I went through it way too fast! & it didn’t clog my pores, just left my skin soft as silk.
    • Fresh Rose face mask http://seph.me/2nnPAg7 — this is so luxurious, & smells so good, & leaves your skin feeling clean, calm, & rested. I got this in a gift set, & was blown away at the fullsize price. But if you feel like treating yourself… it is lovely. & the container is heavy glass. Super bougie.

    • It’s from Marshalls! It has furry sleeves too! It’s fabulous (and was only like $20!)

      Woo! Thanks for the recommendations! I’ve been thinking about grabbing that Aztec Secret clay one for a while. Guess I just need to go for it already! Aaaand fresh rose?! That sounds amazing!

  • I absolutely love that you and Jeff use face masks together. That is goals right there. Are you into (or live near) LUSH? Their fresh face masks are so amazing. My favorite is a bright blue, fruity pebbles scented one called Don’t Look At Me. I gotta say, it’d pair nicely with your hair!