ghost town – Sego Canyon, UT

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After two whole months, I have finally finished editing the photos from November’s fabulous road trip around Utah! While I’m relieved to finally be through sorting them all, I’m so sad this will be the last post about the trip. Our road trips out west are my absolute favorite thing in the world. This one, for obvious reasons, will always hold a special place in my heart. Posting about it has been my little way of reliving it.

Anyway, our last big stop was Sego Canyon. This was a planned stop but a great example of how you never really know what you’re getting yourself into until you see a place for yourself. Unlike Cisco, which is a very short drive off the highway and what I’d consider an easy little detour to make, Sego is a bit of adventure. I’m glad we didn’t save it until sunset.

A narrow winding ‘road’ (definitely more like ATV trail) led us slowly back through time to this ghost town. We questioned many times whether our rental car would make it or if we were even allowed to be where we were driving. It seemed like we drove down this sketchy road for ever. Neither of us had phone service so I couldn’t do any further research on how far we’d have to drive before coming to the remains of the town.

Although we didn’t drive the entire length of the road, which I now kind of regret, we did find the ruins of many old buildings as well as the cemetery!

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One of the last things we saw in Sego were the pictographs. To be honest, they were a bit of a surprise. We were drawn to the area because of the ghost town but these were the perfect happy ending to our visit. I spotted them from the passenger side window as we crept our way down the bumpy road, back toward civilization. I first saw a fence and realized there had to be a reason a modern fence was put up. As my eye scanned the cliff I spotted the red markings. We immediately parked the car and darted over to the cliff.

This is one of those things that I’ve definitely heard of and seen a bunch of photos before but seeing it in person was just something else. We were both in awe. Truly the icing on the cake of an already awesome stop!

If you’re ever in the area, Sego is 100% worth a stop – just make sure you’ve got some time to spare and a vehicle capable of handling the rough road!

sego canyon, utah, ghost town

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