what I’ve been wearing…

by Kaylah Stroup

pin / cardigan / overalls / slippers (similar)

One of the bad things about working from home is how easy it is to just stay in pajamas all day long. I know it’s cute to joke about how great it is but honestly, after a while it starts to wear on you. Actually getting dressed, and putting some effort into my appearance does wonders for my productivity, and of course, my self-esteem. Plus I really do enjoy putting together cute outfits. I’ve been pushing myself to get dressed as often as possible lately instead of just keeping on my warm jammies when I head to my computer each morning. It’s been great. I feel like in the last half of a month I’ve been more productive than I was all of November and December combined.

Toward the end of last year I got really into taking, and sharing outfit photos again here on the blog. It was the first time in years that I actually felt motivated to do it! Back in 2012-13 I was sharing two or three outfit posts per week. Sadly, I fell out of the habit. Looking back through those photos makes me so mad that I ever stopped. I truly do love taking them, and being able to look back on my own personal style evolution is a blast.

The weather here in Ohio has been far too cold to hang out outside with the sole purpose of taking cutesy photos but luckily my apartment makes a pretty great backdrop. I’d rather be outside but honestly, I’m just happy to be taking outfit photos again! I definitely plan on heading back out for full outfit posts as soon as the weather breaks but for now you can count on  these ‘what I’ve been wearing’ round ups to be a regular feature on the blog!

Sugarhill Boutique sweater

sweater / skirt / shoes

All the animal prints!

shirt / jeans (similar) / shoes

One year ago I’d have probably considered this shirt out of my comfort zone. It’s not a typical fit I’d choose but I am seriously just obsessed with this whole outfit. Can’t wait until it’s warm enough to wear it out of the house without putting forty nine layers over top.

sweater (similar) / dress / shoes

Another style I might typically not go for. This tight bodycon dress is a bit out of my comfort zone alone but paired with an oversized cardigan it’s perfect! It feels sexy yet still cozy.

alien sweatshirt, amazon fashion, green hair, ootd, cleveland fashion blog

sweatshirt / jeans (similar) / shoes

Pink is my new favorite color. Could you tell? Also, I think Professor might be an alien from Saturn. More on that here.

grace karin dress, green hair, punky colours, dainty squid

dress / shoes (similar)

This dress could seriously not fit better. I absolutely love the length and the three quarter sleeves. If only it came in stripes…

cardigan / dress / belt was a gift / shoes

Back of the closet find of the year goes to this dress! I don’t know why I haven’t been wearing this thing constantly. Such a flattering cut and fit.

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