9 wonderfully weird gifts for your valentine

1. Prosthetic glass eye. Perhaps paired with a card that says ‘I only have eyes for you‘?

2. Fine Specimen card.

3. Morticia and Gomez Addams lapel pins. Maybe Adam and Barbara Maitland are more your style?

4. Enamel heart pin.

5. You’re my love bug card.

6. Pink cat candle… with a skeleton inside. Comes in a handful of other animals too!

7. Fatally Yours gourmet chocolates. Chocolates are always a solid idea for a Valentine’s Day gift but when they look this good?! Yes, please! (They’re vegan!)

8. Human heart model. Because they’ve already given you theirs… Awww!

9. What’s more romantic than naming a roach after your Valentine? The Bronx zoo is offering a handful of different packages including one that comes with socks, a pin, and roach shaped chocolates!


My ‘30 gift ideas for your ~weird~ friend‘ post from last holiday season was not only really fun for me to make but it was extremely well received. After getting an email about the roaches you can name at the Bronx Zoo (Thanks, Elizabeth!) I knew I had to make a Valentine’s Day themed gift guide as well. It’s definitely not as huge of a list as my previous gift guide for weirdos but I still feel like it has some super solid recommendations. Enjoy!

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