10 things making me smile…

▴ Klaus playing in the water!

▴ Lazy weekend mornings with coffee, french toast + my main squeeze.

▴ This light chasing little dweeb.

▴ Being surrounded by plants (+my long hair! Do you know how many years I ‘tried’ to grow it but always cut it!? So pumped to finally have followed through!)

▴ The Screaming Squid.

▴ Avocado pit progress! (Check out my last update here)

▴ This photo of my dad + his favorite daughter.

▴ Evening sunlight.

▴ This little cat about to beamed up to be with his people.

This sunset, forever + ever. Maybe the one on our wedding day will top it? Not sure what the chances of seeing another rainbow cloud are though…

Other good things on my mind:
▴ Buying a wedding dress! (Will it fit? Will I LOVE it? So nervewracking and exciting) ▴ catching Squid + Klaus cuddling ▴ warm weather coming later this week ▴ riding my bike ▴ less than two months until the wedding! ▴ wedding = desert = best weather ▴ weekly coffee date at a coffee shop less than a five min walk away ▴ dog watching from my office window ▴ having a clean kitchen ▴ morning bubble baths ▴ Professor chasing his tail

What’s making you smile today?

PS. Can’t recommend this gratitude journal enough!

Author: Kaylah Stroup

A collector of weird things. Plant Enthusiast. Wanderer. Beachcomber. Forever longing for the desert.

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