statement earring round up!

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The day has finally come! I got my ears pierced! Ahh!

Thirteen plus years of stretching, a few hours of surgery for reconstruction, and seven months healing time. You can read more about my earlobe reconstruction here plus the four month update here. It’s been a long journey, for sure, but now I’m exactly where I want to be.

Over the weekend Jeff + I celebrated our four year anniversary. His present to me was taking me to get my ears pierced. I was stupid nervous, especially for someone whose body has had so many needles poked in it over the years. It was relatively painless and incredibly quick. I can’t believe how little they’ve been bothering me the last few days. To be honest, if I weren’t so darn excited about them I probably wouldn’t even remember I got them pierced!

The two pairs I’ve purchased so far! Left pair from Target, right pair from Nordstrom Rack.

I’m so excited to start building a collection of earrings now! I’m trying to show a tiny bit of self control until I get a better idea of what I actually like wearing. It’s obvious what I’m into style wise but who know if I’ll actually like wearing them or if I’m gonna just be crabby they get tangled in my hair!

If you’re looking for more fun earring picks, I made a little round up back in January as well with some adorable pairs! Check them out here.

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