mother’s day card round up!

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1. never too old 2. number 1 mother 3. y’orchid 4. best dog mom 5. dog in purse 6. sweetest mother-in-law 7. loved unconditionally 8. lucky to be your daughter 9. your favorite child 10. cat’s pajamas 11. a mom like no otter 12. best cat mama 13. best mistake you ever made 14. mama bear 15. sacrifices 16. plant mom 17. best mom in the history of the world 18. still needs her mom 19. well done, mom 20. happy mother’s day 21. best dang mom 22. opossum babies 23. great genes

Earlier this year, for Valentine’s Day, I rounded up a bunch of cards from awesome small businesses and I’m back to do it again for Mother’s Day! It’s coming up quick – Sunday, May 13th, in case you forgot! Luckily there’s still lots of time to find the perfect card. I love that there is literally a card for any type of mama you might be looking for! (Seriously, so many cat mom cards! I love it!)

PS. Check out the Mother’s Day landing page on Etsy for an actual ton of handmade gift ideas for alllll the mother figures in your life!

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