#fessermakesfaces – wedding edition!

Guys! I’m getting married this weekend. I’m not sure if you knew that. I mean, I’ve only been talking about it for seven months straight.

I’ve been counting down the days since the moment we officially set the date. Yet, somehow, I’m still shocked its here already. The photo above is a pretty accurate portrayal of how I feel. I managed to capture a few more photos of Professor that sum up some other thoughts and feelings I’m having…

 How I feel about not getting to sit beside my fiance on the flight there.

Yelling from the back of the plane “Jeffy! We’re getting married!!!”

Realizing how the desert sun is going to fade my beautiful, freshly dyed, hair color the days leading up to the wedding.

Looking up to ceiling cat, wondering how I got so lucky.

But then realizing I have to get up at FOUR IN THE MORNING on my wedding day.

Stressing over all the tiniest details.

I’m filled to the brim with excitement!

I’m a little worried there will be a bunch of photos of me like this…

and this…

aaaaand this!

But mostly I’m just excited to nuzzle my scruffy faced man…forever!!!


If you’d like to see more photo of this wild little kitten, you should follow his instagram – @fessermakesfaces.


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