instant photos from our wedding week!

by Kaylah Stroup

Polaroid Originals color frame polaroid originals

Just a little round up of Polaroid film shot on our wedding road trip! One week on the road. We explored abandoned buildings in the desert, visited roadside attractions, hung out in a couple of caves, spent time checking out the Grand Canyon and uh… GOT MARRIED.

These road trips out west, which have become an annual thing for us, are the one time of the year that I completely go wild shooting instant film. It’s not a cheap hobby so I tend to hoard my film. There’s quite literally more film than food in our fridge most of the time!

Obviously I went into this trip knowing it would be even more special than normal. I took SO MANY POLAROIDS! Photos I know I’m going to treasure forever. The one of Jeff and I at our wedding, looking tough with our friends might be one of my absolute favorite polaroids ever. I already have it framed*. My scanner didn’t do it justice, at all.

I’m a huge fan of this film and it’s actually fairly inexpensive these days. I mean, comparatively. Still a little over $2 per photo but NOTHING beats being able to physically touch a photo, and watch it slowly develop. Despite the fact they’re not even close to the quality you’d get from a digital camera, there’s just something so special about them! I only wish I had taken more of them on this trip!

*These frames are perfect for displaying instant film!

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