five tips for buying clothes on Amazon

by Kaylah Stroup
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tips for clothes shopping on amazon

bug shirt

I don’t think it comes as any surprise that I’m a huge fan of Amazon. I buy just about everything except groceries on there (and that’s only because I enjoy going to the grocery store!) In the last year or two I’ve become a really big fan of shopping for clothes on Amazon too. They have a ton of brands I already know and love, new ones to discover, and even some prime exclusive brands. Basically, they have something for EVERYONE no matter your style!

A few months ago I was posting a lot of outfit photos featuring great amazon finds on my Instagram page. That led to a handful of questions about how I find such rad clothing on such a massive site. I’m finally here to share some of my best tips for buying clothes on Amazon.

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Check out curated lists.

Amazon is REALLY good at recommending products. I first figured this out when they’d suggest books to me that were related to other books I happened to be looking at. More often than not, their recommendations would be spot on. They’re just as good in other categories too!

I suggest checking out their fashion page to start with, from there you can view their current lists. They have ones based around styles like boho, casual, classic, etc. They have even more lists showcasing trends like vintage dresses, statement bags, colorful denim, and more! It’s super helpful and can be a great jumping point to finding things you’ll love!

I’d say more often than not my Amazon finds happen from just clicking around rather than directly searching for a specific product. When I’m looking at something I even remotely like I always make sure to check out their recommended products at the bottom of the page.

Lots of bloggers have lists of their favorite products too if you’d rather go that route. I recently created a clothing based one, ‘dainty squid style‘, that features some of my favorite purchases as well as other clothing items I’m crushing on.

tassel slip ons

Read reviews.

This is so obvious, right? Actually take the time to read them though! I’ve found things that ended up working really well for me that actually had low star ratings. Sometimes people complain about things that might not matter to you (like fabric preference or if an item needs ironed before wearing) and it’d stink if you missed out because you didn’t give it a shot. You don’t have to read every word of every review but skimming a handful for information that is important to you (for me – dress length & roomy chest!) makes a huge difference.

Also, be wary of too many 5 star reviews. Nothing is perfect to everyone. Too many totally positive reviews may mean they’ve been paid to write a review.

On a related topic, make sure to leave reviews once you get your order! Write what you liked and didn’t like about a product specifically, instead of just writing things like ‘didn’t fit” or ‘i don’t like it’ Reviews help everyone and reviews with pictures are even better. You don’t have to be a fashion blogger, simple mirror shots are great and get the job done.

alien sweatshirt

alien sweatshirt

Check size charts.

If you’re unfamiliar with a brand, check the size chart! You should know already that a size medium isn’t the same in every single brand. This is especially relevant when buying online from a brand you don’t regularly wear. A quick check will ensure the best fit and that you’re not stuck with something that will barely fit a toddler.

Don’t be afraid to purchase + return.

A lot of items on Amazon are available for free returns when you have prime! (Seriously, get prime! So worth it!) Any reason at all, you get a full refund with no shipping charges, as long as it’s in new and unused condition. Just double check beside the price before you add an item to your cart, it should say ‘free returns’. I honestly really hate returning things but Amazon makes it so easy to do which in turn makes it easy to try things out I might otherwise pass on from other sites.

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Utilize prime wardrobe!

Have you heard about prime wardrobe yet? You can pick three or more items across clothing, shoes, and accessories. They ship them to you, you have seven days to try them on, and then you send them back with the provided return label. You’re only charged for the items you decide to keep. It’s a super easy way to try things on without ever leaving the house. I think it’s especially awesome because trying on things at home gives you the opportunity to test out items with pieces you may already own.

dress / shoes (similar)

What’s your favorite item of clothing you’ve found on Amazon? I’m nuts about these leggings. They look like simple black leggings but they’re nice enough that I feel comfortable wearing them instead of jeans.

PS. You can sign up for a 30 day free trial of Prime here. Highly, highly recommended. Makes getting things in the mail super quick and returning super easy plus you get the added bonus of watching all the weird documentaries they have streaming.

tips for buying clothes on Amazon

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