Friday Favorites #480

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This shirt! Yes!

(via Modcloth)

A seemingly random recommendation but y’all I just discovered iced tea. I mean, I used to buy it but I had never realized how simple (and cheap!) it was to make at home. I feel like a massive dummy. Whatever, I’m hooked now. This white hibiscus and peach green tea is incredible. I add just a touch of honey. It’s perfect.

(via Amazon)

I really enjoy this print by Becca Stadtlander.

(via Becca Stadtlander)

Make Magic!

(via Abbie Paulhus)

Moorea Seal, author of the wildly popular 52 Lists Project, has a new book coming out soon! 52 Lists for Togetherness! It looks and sounds wonderful.

(via Amazon)

Ohhhh, this kitty dress! So cute.

(via Modcloth)

These vases! Love them! They’re under $20 too!

(via Urban Outfitters)

Love this shirt.

(via Pinecone + Chickadee)

I’m quite fond of Amy Heitman’s work! This card, especially!

(via Amy Heitman)

Such cute shoes for fall. I’m just picturing them with some cream colored thigh high socks!

(via Modcloth)

Run away with me… Danny Brito has so many cute pins, patches, and other goods. I mean, how could anyone resist this ‘Can I pet your dog?’ pin?!

(via Danny Brito)

Link love…

Happy Friday!

PS. I have a ton more rad finds here! This week I made a list featuring some fall clothing picks! It was an awfully hot week but hey, a girl can dream of layers, right!?

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