Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach has been on my list of spots to visit since the second I knew it existed. A gorgeous beach along the Oregon coast, home to Haystack Rock, a 235-foot sea stack, and one of the most beautiful places my eyes have ever seen. Tons of tourists traveling Highway 101 stop here every year and it’s easy to see why. Hilariously enough, I didn’t even take a photo of Haystack Rock. Whoops.

I had discovered the beach years ago searching for information about tide pools. Seemed like every single time I searched for tide pools, even on the east coast the photos that showed up were from this mysterious Cannon Beach on the other side of the country. The tide pools around Haystack Rock are home to many incredible intertidal creatures. I felt like going there at low tide was basically a guarantee I’d finally find some live critters. (In case you haven’t been following my tide pool adventures, I’m really only good at finding dead things.) I could not wait to get there!

Cannon Beach at Tolovana Beach State Recreation Site

Cannon Beach near Haystack Rock was fairly busy, as expected, and the tide wasn’t very low yet so after poking around a bit we decided to head back to the car to do some research on where I’d have the best chance of seeing sea stars. Jeff and I both discovered Tolovana Beach State Recreation Site at approximately the same time. Just a few minutes away, and only one more exit down the highway yet still Cannon Beach.

It was much more peaceful here than at the main section of the beach. There was barely anyone walking this far down the beach, just a couple folks with dogs. Always a welcome sight, to be honest.

We walked and walked and walked waiting for the tide to go out. Alas, we ended up tiring out before the water hit its lowest point. I saw nothing more than a bunch of anemones. (Still very exciting for me!) The sunset was beautiful and anytime I have the opportunity to get my feet wet in the ocean is a good time in my book.

Getting off the exit, we noticed something black in the street. A lady standing in the grass of the nearby hotel motioned for us to slow down. It was a rabbit! In the grass near her, I noticed about five more bunnies! I nearly jumped out of the car right then and there.

Tolovana Beach State Recreation Site bunny!

Happy to have finally crossed Cannon Beach off my travel bucket list. I may not have found exactly what I was looking for but it sure was beautiful.

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