19 calendars for 2019

by Kaylah Stroup

1. watercolor 2. animal portraits 3. kitchen friends 4. orchid 5. moon 6. dogs & plants 7. constellations 8. nature 9. breakfast & brunch 10. space cat 11. cults 12. collections 13. minimilist 14. dachshund 15. getting through 2019 16. fashionable hens 17. birds in hats 18. bicycle 19. butterfly

At the beginning of each year I normally take everything off my bulletin board and put up all new things. It’s my little way of starting the year with a fresh slate. I love picking out a new calendar and tiny pieces of art to put up on it. I’ve been a little busy this year though, working hard on a new project, and haven’t really felt like dedicating the time to it just yet. Instead I’ve just spent my spare time browsing the internet for a cute 2019 calendar I might want to be the star of my board. Pictured in this post are 19 of my favorites that I found.

On top of calendar shopping, I also spent some time browsing pretty desk items… because the new year is a great excuse to buy a few new stationery goodies! I curated a little list of some of my favorite finds over on Amazon if you’d like to take a peek.

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