8 favorite clothing purchases in 2018

by Kaylah Stroup

Cozy mustard cardigan. For the past few years, I’ve been very into oversized cardigans. They’re basically my favorite way to make any outfit cozy. Despite owning many, this mustard colored one quickly moved into my top spot. It’s so incredibly soft! It looks great with dresses, and pairs easily with jeans and a t-shirt as well.

I purchased a medium and it fits comfortably loose. Medium is my normal size for a cardigan but I’d normally expect them to fit a bit more snug so if you’re looking for a tighter fit definitely size down. Cuddly fit? Get your normal size.

Teva flatform sandals. Formerly a member of the cheap sandals club, these were the most expensive ones I had ever bought. I couldn’t understand why sandals should cost so much. I ended up splurging because I really love the style… and holy cow, my mind is 100% changed. These bad boys taught me that paying for a quality sandal is life changing. That sounds so dramatic but y’all, these are like walking on clouds! I can walk and walk and walk all day with zero pain or rubbing.

Can’t forget to mention the fact that they literally match everything. I can wear them with jeans, shorts, and even dresses and somehow they look perfect with every single outfit.

I wore them almost exclusively all summer, walked a ton and took them on lots of adventures. They show no real signs of wear other than the whites of the stripe on the side being a little dingy. I did see tutorials specifically on how to clean Tevas which I’ll have to give a shot! I definitely want to buy another pair this summer. Maybe these since they’re a tad dressier? Either way, I’m hooked. They’re worth the money!

Bali Illusion-neckline underwire bra. I don’t think that I actually discovered this bra in 2018 but it is the year that I almost exclusively switched to it being my only bra. I love this bra so much that I own multiples in three different colors. (Only reason I don’t have more colors is that every time I want to buy a new one the price on the colored ones seems to be super-inflated compared to a black one)

What’s so great about this bra? Honestly, no idea. I can’t really figure out what makes this bra so perfect and comfortable but it’s so nice that I got rid of every other bra I owned aside from a few ‘fancy’ ones. It looks smooth under t-shirts, the straps don’t dig into my shoulders, and my boobs just fit in the cups really nicely. I don’t feel like I’m overflowing. It also doesn’t do that awful thing where it looks like it fits until you sit down and then the cups pop up.

I truly just love this bra!

Double zip half moon purse. Large enough to hold the essentials but small enough I don’t carry unnecessary crap! Plus it’s super cute and affordable. Simple as that.

Wild Meadow bell sleeve dress. I LOVE this dress. I was a bit hesitant to purchase it based on the one other review but I’m certainly glad I went for it (and for under $15 I really had no excuse not to!)

So, my first impression? It’s perfect! The material almost feels like swimsuit fabric except maybe not as heavy. It’s very comfortable. I actually really enjoy the material its made from because it doesn’t wrinkle very easily. Even sitting at my desk all day in it, it stays wrinkle free.

The fit is spot on. I bought a large, which is what I normally wear, and it fits exactly as I’d expect it. The length is great. I’m five foot seven and find that most dresses are a little short but this one is long enough that I feel comfortable wearing it anywhere.

If you’re not a fan of bell sleeves – this dress is basically the same thing but with different sleeves and a different pattern.

Levi’s skinny jeans. Black high waist skinny jeans are kinda my thing. I’m very happy to have found this pair. They fit my body beautifully, don’t get baggy after wearing them all day, and don’t actually feel like wearing jeans. Don’t get me wrong they aren’t as comfy as leggings but they’re certainly the most comfortable pants I own!

GOgroove camera bag. I love this camera bag so much I wrote a whole post dedicated to it. Read that hereA quick recap though – my all time favorite camera bag and trust me, I’ve owned a lot of them. It holds a ton yet remains comfortable to wear all day. Through my many adventures and the couple road trips its been on, it’s still clean and looking fresh.

One of the most important features it has is side camera access. Being able to grab my camera from the bag without taking the bag off is something I will never compromise on again. It’s just so convenient!

This bag is basically a steal! I highly highly recommend it if you’re in the market for a new camera bag. Be sure to check out my full review for more photos and details.

Black overalls. The sizing options on these overalls nearly scared me away since they come in small, medium, large or extra large and for a pair of pants, I feel like that’s super vague. I suppose I buy pjs in sizes like that but I’m a heck of a lot more picky about how jeans fit than jammies. Since Amazon has super easy & free returns I just went for it. I really wanted a second pair of black overalls, okay? I chose large. I’m very happy with how they fit. If I were going for a tighter fit, I definitely could have pulled off a medium but I actually was looking for a pair with a more relaxed fit.

They’re roomy throughout the legs without looking oversized. The waist even has enough room to fit a bulky sweater without looking stuffed. I’m around five foot seven inches with a long torso and these fit perfectly lengthwise in my torso. Always an issue with overalls!!! The only real questionable thing is the length, which I already mentioned makes them a bit more suited for warm weather. Based on review photos though, if you’re shorter they’ll most likely be perfect on ya!

I am super excited to pair these with my Tevas when the weather warms up!

How about you? What were some of your favorite 2018 clothing purchases?

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