Friday Favorites #497

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This shirt!

(via Modcloth)

What a fun idea these faux matches are. Each has an idea on it meant to *spark* creativity! (Also available here for a little bit less!) There’s even a version for romance, happiness and adventure!

(via Anthropologie)

Pizza prevails!

(via Pyknic)

Looove this pin!

(via heymoma shop)

Library card socks!

(via Out of Print)

Because I want to dress like a cozy skeleton all year long!

(via Wildfox)

Sharing a new favorite from my own home – this lamp from Gantri! This is actually my second one from them. They are 3D printed and I swear, they give off the coziest light. I also really enjoy the fact their lights are dimmable. I’m in loooove! (PS. If you purchase through that link, you get $20 off!)

(photo by me, lamp via Gantri)

I just discovered Tula Pink’s line of scissors in my most favorite color(s) of metal! I’m positively obsessed. I plan to treat myself to the shears after I reach a little sewing goal I set for myself. They’re just so dang beautiful.

(via Tula Pink)

Never enough face planters in this house!

(via Anthropologie)

Ah! This dress!

(via Modcloth)

Not only does ‘cool citrus basil‘ sound like it smells amazing but I really dig that packaging too!

(via Valkyrie Candle)

Link love…

  • I don’t actually wear red buuut I might make an exception for this dress. I mean, it’s striped. C’mon.
  • Take a hike!
  • Fancy beetle earrings! They’re so pretty! Plus there is a matching necklace.
  • Wouldn’t actually consider purchasing a $70 dog sweater but I sure do enjoy looking at the photos. Such a pretty pup. (Not going to lie, I would really love to see Klaus in that silly sweater!)
  • Linking to the Splitcam because it’s suuuuper cheap right now. It has fairly mixed reviews but with a little common sense, it shouldn’t give you any issues. I’ve always had great luck with mine.
  • Love love love this constellation dress!
  • I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable wearing this dress out of the house but I know for sure I’d feel reeeeeal fine wearing it around the house.

Happy Friday!

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