Friday Favorites #501

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I know it’s completely the wrong season to be obsessing over dresses like this but gosh, this dress is so pretty. Pair it with these sandals and I am summer ready!

Skeleton slippers!

Dog planters!

This top!

I’ve already shared the color version of this pin but I just found this one today. So cute!  (Here are Squid’s toe beans for you!)

These shoes! In case you’re curious about the quality, I’ve owned a couple pairs of Golden Ponies over the years and they’ve always been lovely.

A favorite creation from this week. That fabric glows in the dark!

How neat is this bookmark?!

Loving this dress! I’m on the hunt for something cute for my husband’s book release party and this would be perfect!

This bedding set! I’ve said it a million times but I am just such a sucker for that grid pattern.

How cute is this catch-all tray!? This same pattern also comes in a decorative box… and a rug!!!

Love this eye table. …Not that anything will ever beat the bird leg table.

Link love…

  • Cactus earrings! Super cute & only $12.
  • Aren’t these undies the cutest!?
  • Love this starry print dress.
  • A $300+ bean bag is 100% not in the budget but y’all, this thing looks amazing! Gosh, don’t you just want to snuggle up in it!?
  • This eye rug is perfect!
  • These rainboots are GORGEOUS.
  • Totally unrelated to everything else in this post, if you were looking for a sign to adopt a pet – consider this your sign! I sat down to write my Friday Favorites but got distracted looking at Petfinder. As renters, we can’t bring any more fuzzy critters home but maybe you’ve been thinking about it… DO IT.

Happy Friday!

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