Friday Favorites #504

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I absolutely love this jumpsuit!

I’ve thought Creature Cups were really awesome for a while now but this photo of their spider mug really just made me wonder if I could actually drink from one. I don’t mind spiders but…. I just don’t know.

This fox fabric is one of my favorites. I’m particularly fond of the pencil pouch since you can see so many of the foxes!

This tote!!!

Oh my goodness. Could this be any cuter?! I think not.

Love this snake incense holder! Not as much as I still love this snake lamp though.

Always always always a fan of sweaters with animals! Lovin’ these dinosaur and duck ones.

Everyone could use some inspirational socks! While we’re on the subject of animals and socks, here are some raccoon socks! …And some super cute fox socks.

Of course I love these cicada earrings!!

This is Klaus’ current favorite toy. It’s nice because there are no dangly parts, like legs or ears, for him to chew off yet it’s still noisy so its fun to chew on! I want to get him this film roll one too.

My favorite planet!

This pin!

Link love…

Happy Friday!

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