abandoned china factory 2019

drawers in an abandoned factory

Two years ago I explored this factory for the first time. Unlike the majority of the other factories (and abandoned buildings in general) I’ve been in, this one is still full of items that show nearly every step of how its products were made. Despite the fact there was an auction to clear out remaining inventory after the factory closed, there is still tons to see. Between all of the remaining buildings on the property there are molds, decals, silkscreens, blank dishes, finished products, kilns, and more. All that stuff combined puts this place in my all time top ten favorite abandoned spots.

(Other favorites include – the abandoned trailer park, the ghost town I got engaged in, the masonic hall, the Knox County Poorhouse & of course, Two Guns!

Not too much has changed since my previous visit. Surprisingly, the majority of plates and mugs were still intact. Stacks upon stacks of plates covered in a thick layer of dust. Untouched!

stacks of plates in an abandoned factory
a massive pile of broken mugs in an abandoned factory
There was apparently a fire on the upper level on the main building. It made quite a mess but failed to destroy all the paperwork. I spotted invoices, checks, and accounting paperwork detailing how much had been spent on advertising.
silkscreens in an abandoned factory

See ya in another couple years, china factory! xoxo

PS. If you’d like to see more, Jeff has a video!

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