adventures in stamp carving – part 2

stamp carving

Last week I tried stamp carving for the very first time. (Read more about there here!) Despite my nervousness about trying a new hobby, the results were super encouraging which is good because I am definitely that overambitious person who tends to give up when they aren’t automatically amazing at something the first time they try. My first stamp wasn’t perfect but it came out a million times better than I ever imagined. I couldn’t wait to give it another go!

hand carved tooth stamp
My second stamp. I was having the worst time even drawing a tooth so the fact it turned out even this well is a miracle. I look forward to recarving this one.

With the first stamp, I just traced out my image onto the tracing paper that was included in the kit with a pencil then turned that over onto the carving block and rubbed so that the lead would transfer onto it. It wasn’t perfect and seemed like a pretty inefficient way to do things. Before carving my next larger stamp I picked up some carbon paper. It made everything a lot easier.

For my third stamp, I continued with my tooth theme and carved out some dentures. Initially I wasn’t too pleased. I carved, printed, went back in to fix some stuff, printed again, and continued this cycle a couple more times. I’m just not quite satisfied with those teeth. They’re a little wonky.

When I printed my newest stamp next to my first I realized just how much I’d improved already! Despite the fact I don’t love the teeth on this one, my lines are so much smoother than the first! The whole stamp in general is a lot less blocky.

I just have to keep reminding myself that it’s okay not to be great at something. I truly enjoy this whole process, especially printing! I love getting my hands dirty! Practicing and learning something new feels great.

I hope that eventually I’ll be decent enough at this to print some fabric or at least do some patches. (The second I printed my first stamp I knew I’d need to make something specifically to use as a backpatch on my jean jacket!) Just gotta keep practicing!

hand carved stamp of dentures

Supplies used – Speedball’s rubber stamp making kit, a foam brayer &carbon paper to transfer the image.

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  • I love these!
    If you’re interested in taking on another project, I think these would make a great patch collection! A few shops on Etsy do stamped patches in a variety pack. Buy 3 for price X or something similar. I’d for sure sew them on a hat or jean jacket.
    Something to think about!

    I’ve been following you for a few years now – it’s great to see you having so much fun with this new form of creativity! Thanks for sharing!