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Goooood morning! This isn’t exactly the type of crafty update I mentioned wanting to share but it is a really fun one. The Dainty Squid shop got a HUGE update this morning. Nearly fifty new items went live. I’ve been sewing my buns off these last few weeks so I’m very excited to finally share what’s new.

First of all, I have a brand new size! I’ve been sharing peeks of these over on instagram for a few weeks now. I’m excited to finally release them and tell you why I’m so into them!

I didn’t design this size with any particular thing in mind that it’d hold. I just wanted something bigger than anything else I was currently making. I have a lot of random odds and ends in my office I want to organize, ya know? I picked a size at random and made up a sample. Turns out it’s the absolute perfect size to hold nail polish!

The best part about this is that I had been a little overwhelmed with my previous nail polish situation. I had them in a big box and I couldn’t really see what I had. Not to mention, it wasn’t cute. It stuck out like a sore thumb in my office. I skimmed down my collection to only what I love and actually paint my nails with on a regular basis. What I have left fits perfectly in one pouch!

I currently only have a handful of them in stock because they are so much more time consuming than other things I make. I also tried to be very selective about which fabrics I made them from. I wanted to use fabrics that didn’t wrinkle as easily and would hold their shape best.

nail polish storage pouch
Obviously how many fits depends on what brands you have but this is what is inside mine. 20 nail polishes!

Second, some one of a kind pouches! The one above is my absolute favorite. I am very proud of it.

These come in a variety of sizes based on whatever fabric was available and inspired me at that moment. I went in with no plans and basically just freestyled with these. As much as I love assembly line style making things I have already planned out, just being able to be creative with these felt amazing. Each one is unique and features decorative top stitching.

Finally, I have a limited edition new size in the shop today. Mini flat bottom pouches! I had cut these shortly after reopening the shop. They were meant for something else but I ultimately decided that a small version of my flat bottom pouches would be a better idea.

They turned out so precious! They’re small but mighty. They open up wide and are the perfect size for all your miscellaneous items, things you maybe don’t want to sink to the bottom of your bag or purse. Earbuds, lip balm, cash, keys, etc.

Aside from those three things, I also have a handful of new fabrics making their debut today. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before but I am planning on discontinuing most fabrics as I run out of them instead of just purchasing more. Simply so my fabric collection doesn’t get out of hand and so that the shop always stays fresh with new things. So, if there’s ever a print you’re into don’t hesitate!

I only have a tiny amount of this fabric. Gosh, I love the print so much!

That feels like such a brief overview of all that’s new today. Hop over to the shop to see everything. xoxo

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