by Kaylah Stroup

I’m sure it comes as no to surprise to anyone that your mom dying will send you through an absolute whirlwind of emotions. These last few weeks have been a wild ride. There have been ups and some major downs. I’m trying to keep my chin up but needless to say, it can be hard.

The weekend before last, I was so anxious about celebrating Easter without my mom. Not that Easter is a big holiday for me but it’s one that we already had plans to be at my parent’s house for. One that my mom was already planning dinner for. My mom always went all out for every single holiday. There was always enough food to feed twice the amount of people that were actually there. She loved having people over.

We managed to pull it together and have a great dinner but, unsurprisingly, it still felt so different. At the end of the day, reminiscing on everything that we did, I couldn’t help but feel thankful.

Thankful for…

this silly zip line Jeff & my dad hung last year.

& the fact that it creates bonding time with my nieces and nephew.

& that it allowed me to capture this image of my brother being beamed up to go live with his real family.

that I got to grow up surrounded by nature and the fact that it still excites me after all these years.

& that I get to watch my nieces grow up appreciating it as well.

walks in the woods with my dad, dog & husband.

my mom’s dog, who brings a smile to everyone’s face.

…and just being able to hang loose with my family.

I might be approaching 29 but I still feel like a lost child without my mom. I’m so thankful to have a supportive family to lean on during these hard times. We’ll make it through this together!

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